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Become an Ordained Licensed Minister Quick, Senior Citizens Welcome, Fast Ordination, Fast Shipping, Excellent Service for Over 34 Years.
We give you full legal authority to begin your own independent church or ministry and perform all Christian services including marriage, baptism and funerals
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Ordination   If you have asked, how can I become an ordained minister, you have come to the right place. With World Christianship you can become an ordained minister and/or start your own church or ministry. We ordain in a simple manner. Receive ordination almost immediately as a minister, pastor, reverend, evangelist, bishop, chaplain, missionary, elder, deacon, preacher or other. As a minister ordained and licensed by World Christianship Ministries you have full authority to do all standard Christian services. This includes wedding ceremonies, baptism ceremonies and funeral services. We have been providing this seminary alternative way to ordain for over 34 years.

Invitation   We invite you to browse through this website concerning ordination, doing weddings, true to the Word Bible study courses, handbooks to help your new ministry or church get started, fellowship, how to preach, Christian music, religious freedom laws and more. Clicking on the Red "Guided Site Tour" button above is an excellent way to begin this new journey.

Do Wedding Ceremonies   Are you getting ordained to do legal wedding ceremonies?  Do you ask, how can I get ordained fast? Or, how do I perform wedding ceremonies?  Can I really become a minister quickly?  You have come to the right ministry. WCM has the most wedding ceremony experience online.  Receive fast legal ordination and perform weddings without delay.  How do you become ordained quick?  Just CLICK on one of the 2 Red Bars near the top of this page that say APPLY Now, COST Ordering & Application Forms in PDF or APPLY NOW, COST Ordering & Application Forms in JPEG.  When the forms open just print the Application Ordering Forms to your printer and Call in, FAX in or Mail in your application.   Click the RED Express Ordination Page Button below to learn about how you can have a copy of your Ordination Certificate in hand the same day we receive your application.

An Established Ministry   World Christianship Ministries is an established ministry with extensive experience in providing ordination by mail for sincere Christians. In addition to offering you a quick way to ordination, we also offer phone support in case you have questions. We have ordained individuals as Christian clergy in every state of the USA and in over 85 foreign countries. All over the world you find Christian ministers that we ordained, each knowing that ordination was that important first step needed to start a church or ministry. World Christianship Ministries is considered Ordination Central for becoming a Christian ordained minister in a simple way.

Certificate of Ordination   Your Certificate of Ordination, or Minister's license, will be your authority to begin this new chapter of your life. Start your own church, ministry or just do wedding ceremonies. World Christianship Ministries is a Christian nondenominational ministry. Aside from ordination, Bible studies and other services offered, we also provide support and Commitment.

Fast Ordination! You can be Ordained the same day we have your application in hand.

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State Marriage Laws and Ordained or Licensed Minister Requirements
Use the CLICKABLE map below to open up the Laws for your state

Mail Me My Ordination Information Packet

Receive an Information Packet by Mail, which includes the brief Application / Ordering Form and description of all the things we offer.
Leave your name and address below.  Your packet will be mailed out the next day.

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Brief overview of what you will find on many of our pages

ORDINATION and License
Receive your legal ordained minister ordination and License by mail almost immediately with full authority to do all Christian services for life and begin your own independent church or ministry

ORDINATION PACKAGESView all of the special items that we put into our Ordination Packages. There is a package to suit every persons need.

MARRIAGE MINISTRYpictures of wcm weddings Have your own marriage ministry and discover the blessings of doing wedding ceremonies. An excellent way to raise funds to support yourself & family, church or ministry. You receive authority to do as many weddings as you wish.

BIBLE STUDYYour "true to the Word" Bible courses are fun and easy to complete yet highly effective at expanding Bible knowledge.  Some of the best courses available.

HANDBOOKS AND MATERIALSA series of handbooks and materials designed to help your new church or ministry with direction and purpose.

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM LAWS The laws that protect our freedom of religion,
and right to be ordained in a simple manner to begin a new Christian church or ministry.  Also, info about the Federally Registered Trademarks that we received.

CHRISTIAN CERTIFICATE EXAMPLESExamples of many of the certificates issued by World Christianship Ministries, and their meaning.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQ)Answers to most questions that may be on your mind.

CHRISTIAN ORDINATION TITLESExplanation of what each title means.

ONLINE WORLD CHRISTIANSHIP MINISTRIES NEWSLETTERPersonal stories from WCM ordained ministers, letters and pictures

COUNTRIES WITH WORLD CHRISTIANSHIP MINISTERSA listing of countries where World Christianship has ordained people.

FEATURED CHRISTIAN MINISTRYA pictorial example of a WCM ordained ministry.

CHRISTIAN MUSIC PAGE:  Enjoy inspirational Christian music from YouTube

SHIPPINGYour package, how we mail it and how fast it gets processed and placed in the mail.
REPLACING DOCUMENTSinstructions for how to replace documents if we have previously ordained you and your documents have been lost or destroyed.

ASSOCIATION OF CLERGYThis popular program is for clergy ordained by World Christianship Ministries.  It is for the purpose of sharing Christian fellowship with other individuals we have ordained.

Statement of Faith
Our statement of faith is composed of two parts:

1st Part....
The Words of Christ (our favorite)
2nd Part...The rest of the Bible

Special Bible Passage, Joining the Ministry (1 Timothy 1:12)

We Believe in You
God Believes in You
Believe in Yourself

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