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A series of handbooks and materials designed to help you begin your own independent ministry or church.

1. The Marriage Ministers Handbook  ©

The information in the Marriage Minister Handbook can help you to earn offerings that will help to support your ministry, yourself and family.  This handbook was written by WCM founder Rev. McElroy, who has performed over 2,000 home, garden, wedding hall, park and small church weddings.  It gives you excellent step by step information on how to do simple wedding ceremonies.  This handbook is perfect for new clergy and an excellent reference for experienced clergy.  Subjects Covered Include: Location of ceremonies, the Marriage License, Offerings (what to request), Advertising, The Ceremony (simple to formal), What to wear, Hours of work, Where to position the wedding party, opportunity, and more.

2. Ordained by Mail Handbooks, Volumes 1 and 2  ©

These important handbooks answer many of the questions about receiving ordination by mail.  They share with you numerous letters of success written by individuals ordained by WCM. There is a section on pride, and a section on handling people who do not understand how you can be legally ordained in a simple manner with the same rights as all clergy.  These are handbooks of information and inspiration.

3. Guidebook for New Clergy  ©

This important and informative handbook tells you about many of the different types of ministries that are open to you as newly ordained Christian clergy.  It gives you valuable insight into the types of Christian work you may wish to become involved in.  It does this by explaining the many different types of ministries and what they do.  This is a highly recommended handbook which can give your new ministry direction and purpose.  SUBJECTS INCLUDE:  Bible Ministry, Christian Relief Ministry, Church Ministry,  The Evangelist, Film Ministry, Home Fellowship Ministry, Marriage Ministry (marriage officiant), Music Ministry, Rescue Mission, One on One Ministry, Street Ministry, Missionary Work, Hospital or Convalescent Home Ministry, Informational Ministry and More.

4. The Book of Ceremonies and Rites  ©  (A bonus item with Clergy Packages #2 and #3-B)

This informative handbook provides appropriate wording for wedding services (simple to formal and in between), ordination ceremonies (having a Church Charter from World Christianship allows you to ordain into your own church or ministry), baptism and dedication ceremonies, communion ceremonies, services in a church or funeral home (various), burial at sea services, cremation services and more.

5. Marriage Laws in the United States (Handbook)  ©

This excellent reference gives a general breakdown of your rights to perform weddings in each state.  It also contains information on which county office issues marriage licenses in your state, and how soon the license must be filed after the ceremony. It is an excellent reference to compare the laws in each state.  The marriage laws of Canada are also discussed.

6. Bible Index 2  ©

With Bible Index 2 you are directed to the proper Scripture verse on a wide variety of subjects and Biblical people. It is a perfect reference for new or experienced clergy and for Pastoral Counselor work.  Bible Index 2 covers everything from abortion to false doctrines and wisdom.  It covers highlights from the creation to the promises of the coming of the Messiah. Turn quickly to Scripture about marriage and divorce, and Christian witnessing.  It covers the resurrection of the Christian dead and much, much more...  Bible Index 2 is a wealth of information right at your fingertips.  you could spend hundreds of hours searching the Bible for the proper verses about life, values, Christian behavior and Christian responsibilities.

7. Religious Freedom Handbook  ©

Here, in one informative handbook, are the laws that shape our religious freedom and allow us to exist as mail ordained Christian ministers or clergy.  Our constitution is discussed and there is a complete section on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 which reinforced all of our religious freedoms.  This is your perfect desk reference on our religious freedom rights in America.

8. Marriage and Baptism certificates  ©

Appropriate keepsake certificates for these occasions.

9. Preparing Your First Sermon  ©

Helpful information on preparation of sermons and helping you get through your first one.

10. Ceremonies for Marriage / Baptism / and Funerals  ©

Appropriate wording for each of these occasions.

11. Fund raising Ideas  ©

Ways your ministry can raise money.

12. Clergy Dashboard Sign

May be placed on your car dashboard for preferred clergy parking.

13. Legal Status

Copy of a Federal Court case in which the Judge, in his ruling, addressed the issue that simple Ordination was protected under the Constitution.

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