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Thank You!!!

Thank you for your request for World Christianship Ministries information packet containing information about all that we offer. This would including our simple ordination program, and (or) information about our Bible courses, brief ordination application and ordering form, handbooks and materials, and a copy of our newsletter.

Your packet will be placed in the mail the morning after you leave your name and address on our website.

If you have any questions after receiving your packet please feel free to contact us at any time.

After you receive the information / application packet your application may be mailed in, faxed in or called in. Your application will be processed promptly and your package should be placed in the mail within 1-2 days of receiving it in our processing office.

World Christianship Ministries is the ministry of choice for sincere Christians who wish to receive their ordination in a simple way with full authority to do all Christian services.

Over 37+ years of service to the Christian community.

Ministry Phone Number:
(559) 297-4271



World Christianship Ministries
 Ministry Phone Number
(559) 297- 4271

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Fax # for Applications:
(559) 297- 4223

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