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World Christianship Ministries offers Free Bonus Items with each of our Ordination Packages.
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Explanation of the Free Bonus Items for Each Package

Letter of Good Standing
This certificate is available as a Free Bonus Item with each of our Ordination Packages. The Letter of Good Standing is necessary in some states for doing weddings. The certificate shows you are in good standing with the Ordaining Authority, World Christianship Ministries.

Certificate of Accomplishment
The Certificate of Accomplishment is an inspirational certificate to praise you for your Christian work and desire to become ordained.

Ordination Letter
This Document is in letter form on parchment paper and compliments the authority of your ordination certificate. It has the Gold Seal and Ribbons of the ministry and is available as a FREE Bonus Item with the Basic Package and Clergy Ordination Packages #1, #2, #3, #3-B and #4.

Ordained By Mail Handbook
This Handbook answers many of the questions about receiving ordination by mail. It covers many general categories from laws, general questions that people ask, handling questions about your ordination, and letters of success from people that have been ordained by World Christianship Ministries. It is a FREE Bonus Item with the Basic Package and Clergy Ordination Package #1

Handbook of Ceremonies and Rites
This informative handbook provides appropriate wording for wedding services (simple to formal), ordination ceremonies (having our Church Charter allows you to ordain people into YOUR own local church or ministry), baptism and dedication ceremonies, communion ceremonies, services in a church or funeral home, burial at sea services, cremation services, and more. This is a FREE Bonus Item with Clergy Ordination Packages #2, #3, #3-B and #4

Honorary Doctor of Divinity
This is an inspirational certificate for your Christian service, it is a FREE Bonus Item with Clergy Ordination Package #2 and #3

Certificate of Achievement
The Certificate of Achievement is granted FREE if you apply for Clergy Ordination Package #3-B or #4.  This certificate honors your dedication to the study of the Bible and the spreading of the Christian Faith.

How to Formally Establish Your Church or Ministry Name in a Simple Way
This information tells you how to establish your church or ministry name in your State or County in a simple manner so that you have a more formal presence as a new church or ministry. When starting a new ministry it is always a good idea to have the name of your new ministry established formally with the state or county so you can open up business activity such as a bank account in that new name. This is a FREE Bonus Item with Clergy Ordination Packages #1, #2, #3, #3-B and #4

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