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Become Ordained as early as today - Simple Quick Ordination - Bible Study and MORE!
Senior Citizens, Retired people Welcome! Fast Ordination, Fast Shipping, Excellent Service for over 34 years.
We give you full legal authority to begin your own independent church or ministry and perform all Christian services including marriage, baptism and funerals.

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Pictured above is Yosemite National Park where the founder of World Christianship Ministries has performed over 50 wedding ceremonies..
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World Christianship Ministries
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America's #1 Christian Ordination Ministry for people who wish to be ordained quickly.

  34+ years of Christian Ordination Experience.
Become an ordained minister almost immediately,
Ordination is Valid and legal throughout the United States

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     Ordination is the key to beginning your own ministry. We welcome this opportunity to invite you to be ordained by this ministry in a simple and quick way. World Christianship's main purpose is to help spread the Christian Faith by making it easy for believers to be ordained. We provide this service to the Christian community with all sincerity. We feel that being ordained is a decision that will transform your life and bring you new meaning and deep personal satisfaction and purpose before God. As an ordained minister you will have full legal authority to do all Christian services. You may start a church, start a ministry and do all the same things that mainstream clergy do. Our Guidebook for New Clergy will give you a good idea of the many, many different types of ministerial work that you may do. Starting a church or ministry is easy.

     Over the years we have ordained people from all walks of life, including working people (blue collar and white collar), all the way to doctors, lawyers, judges and retired folks. They all have one thing in common, the desire to spread the Christian faith through simple ordination. We make being ordained easy because we feel it is Biblical, and we feel that it will inspire you to do greater works for the Christian faith.
     After being ordained by World Christianship you will be free to carry on your Christian ministry as you feel God directs you. We authorize you to perform all Christian religious services including the rites of marriage and baptism. You will be authorized to use a formal title before your name such as Reverend, Minister, Pastor, Evangelist, Chaplain, Deacon, Missionary, Preacher, Elder (or other similar Christian titles). You will be entitled to the respect and consideration that is customarily given to ministers of religious organizations.
     As ordained Clergy you should find that many new opportunities are open to you. In the USA, and in many foreign countries, you will have the opportunity to perform legal wedding ceremonies should you choose to do so. Individuals who specialize in this area are known as a wedding minister. Whether or not you do weddings full time or part time, this in itself gives you the chance to earn extra money to support your ministry and family. Our handbook entitled The Marriage Ministers Handbook is an excellent reference on this subject. It was written by the administrator/founder of World Christianship Ministries, based on over 2,000 home, garden, park and church wedding ceremonies performed by him during the beginning of World Christianship Ministries some 30 years ago. Doing weddings can be easy and satisfying. Many couples wish nothing more than a short ceremony lasting only a couple of minutes. Other couples will enjoy the warmth and comfort of being married in a simple ceremony in their home or backyard or a local park.

     As you read through the information that we have on this web site, you will notice that we have provided you with details on a large variety of materials, handbooks and courses.  These items have been carefully compiled over many years in order to help you start your ministry or church as smoothly as possible.  We sincerely feel that our materials will give you valuable help and guidance as you begin your church or ministry.  In particular we have some special items that we call Clergy Packages.  These Clergy Packages give you a maximum amount of materials and information at a minimum offering.

     This ministry is able to offer these opportunities because of the kindness and generosity of people like you.  We do request offerings for the various certificates and services that we provide.  Without your kind support we would not be able to continue the ministry as we now do.  If, however, you are truly unable to send us an offering, we will understand and send you a small card to confirm ordination.
     World Christianship Ministries is a Christian nondenominational ministry which has been in existence for over 30 years. We have ordained individuals in all 50 states and over 85 foreign countries. We extend the opportunity to be ordained to all people of legal age. When you request ordination we believe you are sincere and that God has spoken to your heart in a most personal way. You can be an ordained minister almost immediately. Click here to be able to download our ordering form and brief application, or leave a mailing addresses to send our information and application packet to my mail. You may also click on the blue information box below. Please note that World Christianship Ministries ordains in a considered, deliberate and responsible manner by requiring that a signed application be returned to us. After review the application most are approved and only a small percentage are disapproved. WCM retains the right to suspend or revoke ordination if it is being used for anything other than what it is intended to be used for. Only Christian services are authorized. We DO NOT embrace any other religions.
     Your ordination will be for life. We DO NOT ask for dues or renewal fees each year to maintain your ordination. Take a few moments to visit the rest of the World Christianship Ministries website by clicking on the links at the top or bottom of this page and learn why World Christianship Ministries has become America's #1 Christian Ordination by Mail Ministry.  We sincerely look forward to receiving your brief application and welcoming you into the Christian ministry as new christian clergy.
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