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A skilled and well trained ministry representative is available to answer your questions, or take your application by phone.

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Ministry Phone:  (559) 297-4271
FAX Phone (for applications only)  (559) 297-4223

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World Christianship Ministries
PO Box 20030
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96151


World Christianship Ministries is an incorporated ministry which was granted two federal trademarks. We have over 41+ years of experience in providing simple Christian ordination. We also offer excellent Home Bible Study courses, handbooks and other materials, and we offer advice to help you begin your own independent Christian Ministry or Church.

World Christianship ordains Christian clergy only and reserves the right to approve or not approve all applications. Credentials are considered automatically revoked if they are used for anything other than Christian services, or are being used for any illegal purpose.

World Christianship Ministries is not an internet church but rather an outreach ministry. Our  purpose is to empower you with the authority of ordination and the authority to do all Christian services and begin your own independent church or ministry. We do make ordination quick and simple but we do not ordain directly on the internet.

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