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Christian Church Charter, how to ordain people into my own church or ministry | Church Charters from World Christianship Ministries gives authority to ordain other people using your independent Church Charter's Ministry name | You must be ordained by us in order to apply for the charter.

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Ordain People Yourself Into Your Own Church or Ministry

There are different types of charters. The purpose of the World Christianship Ministries charter is as follows:

1. If we have ordained you and you have our Charter, the Charter gives you authority to ordain people yourself into your church or ministry under your own church or ministry name. Ordination itself does not give you that authority, you must have our charter in order to ordain others, and it must be in your church or ministry's name not World Christianship Ministries name.

2. Your ordinations must be Christian only.

3. You will decide the criteria you wish to use in ordaining other individuals.

4. The people you ordain must be under your direct authority.

This Ministry Does Not Believe in Tax Exemption for Churches, Ministries or Ministers. As such we are not a covering for anyone seeking to use their ordination for such purposes. If the people we serve have to pay taxes so should we.

Certificates issued by WCM are for religious purposes only. The Church Charter only covers your authority to begin ordaining people yourself. The government is not involved in the ordination of ministers.

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