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WCM has over 42 years of Experience Ordaining Seniors and Veterans

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    Seniors, Veterans, Perform Wedding ceremonies on the side to supplement your retirement income.  If you are in your 50's | 60's | 70's | 80's (or older?) and retired or semi retired there is a good opportunity for you to do wedding ceremonies on the side as an Ordained Minister. World Christianship Ministries has extensive experience in doing weddings in homes, gardens, parks (local, county, state and federal), halls, small churches, the ocean, even at peoples place of business, almost anywhere.  Many people only wish a very short ceremony. Imagine being given $50, $100, $200 or more for only a few minutes of your time.  World Christianship Ministries has written a "straight to the point" handbook called the Marriage Ministers Handbook.  This Handbook explains in straight talk how to do simple weddings. If you feel that earning extra money doing weddings on the side, or full time, might be of interest to you, we suggest you get a copy of this Handbook so you can see how easy doing weddings can be.  Read more about this handbook on World Christianship Ministries Handbook Page. Visit The WCM Administrators Doing Wedding Ceremonies in Yosemite National Park page.

     Begin your own independent ministry or church with Christian Ordination from World Christianship ministries. We grant you full authority to do all Christian services and take your new ministry in whatever direction you feel you are called to go.

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    Learn more about Being Ordained by World Christianship Ministries and doing weddings, or starting some other type of Christian work, by taking our Guided Site Tour which starts on our Home Page (Click the large red Guided Site Tour Button). Or you can just Click Here then follow the RED Guided Site Tour buttons at the top of each page. The tour takes you through many of the important pages of this site.

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Best site online for Seniors and Veterans to get ordained. World Christianship Ministries is a Senior and Veteran friendly website. Simple fast Christian ordination experience for doing wedding or marriage ceremonies and beginning your own ministry. You will be able to do legal marriages as a minister ordained by WCM, and earn money to supplement your retirement or in addition to your current job. Perform weddings for your friends and family, or begin your own marriage ministry. Visit our Weddings Page to learn more about how easy it is to do marriage ceremonies. Do marriages at homes, in gardens, parks, the beach, the mountains, almost anywhere. We give you the authority to do all Christian ceremonies and begin a independent ministry if you wish. Wedding ceremonies can be done by working out of your home. World Christianship Ministries has the most Hands On experience of any site on the internet for doing wedding ceremonies. The administrator of WCM has done over 2,500 marriage ceremonies himself. Become an Ordained Minister. Senior Friendly, Veteran Friendly Ordination. Want to do Wedding for a family member, friends, son, daughter, granddaughter, grandson, niece, nephew, sister, brother. Retired men and women and Veterans have an excellent opportunity.

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