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Become Ordained almost immediately and perform Legal Marriage Ceremonies. Have your own marriage ministry if you wish. Do the wedding ceremony for a friend or relative. Senior Citizens can supplement their income by doing simple ceremonies in homes, gardens, parks and other locations. During a recession doing marriages can add extra money to your income. Doing Marriages is Easy!

World Christianship Ministries is an Established Ministry with over 42+ Years of Experience in Ordaining Christian Ministers (Clergy), and in helping New Ministers begin doing Wedding Ceremonies. The Administrator of WCM has personally performed over 2,500 Marriage Ceremonies. Learn more by reading the information and testimonials on this page. Call us if you have any questions.

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Doing Wedding Cremonies is Easy!

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Perform Marriage Ceremonies
     After receiving ordination from World Christianship Ministries you will have the authority to do what over 150,000 people ordained by this ministry are now doing, perform a legal wedding ceremony.  This is a wonderful opportunity to earn extra money to support yourself and family and your ministry.  World Christianship Ministries has extensive experience in performing legal wedding ceremonies and we will share that knowledge with you!  No other internet ministry or internet church has the experience of doing "hands on" wedding ceremonies like World Christianship Ministries.  So don't wait! You can have the legal authority to be a marriage minister or wedding officiant for the rest of your life and do Christian Marriages. Perform a legal wedding ceremony for friends, family and others.

     Our Marriage Minister's Handbook will give you easy to understand step by step instructions on how to conduct ceremonies. Most of the weddings you will do will be the Simple Ceremony or the Informal Ceremony, and most people prefer these two types of ceremonies. Also, after being ordained by WCM, you may call this ministry at any time if you have a questions about doing a ceremony.

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Pictured to the right is Minister Powell of Arizona with one of the happy couples he has joined together in marriage. Rev. Powell was ordained by World Christianship Ministries.
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Rev. Powell on the left writes: "I performed 15 weddings last year, and currently have a one on one ministry. World Christianship Ministries credentials and handbooks have been an inspiration, and God is using me in ways I never thought possible."

     There are no solid rules about how to conduct a simple marriage ceremony in peoples homes, backyards, at parks, the mountains, ocean and other informal locations. In almost all cases it is not necessary for the minister to attend a practice ceremony before the wedding. In our years of experience doing marriage services, all that is generally required is that the minister explain by phone or in person, the order in which the bride and groom come out and stand before the minister. Also you can give a brief explanation of how the Best Man and Maid of Honor come and stand before the minister. Couples might want to step before the minister in their own way, and you almost always want to accept their decision. Once you arrive at the ceremony you basically only have to look at the marriage license and make sure it has not expired, and then make sure everyone is ready to begin. You then do the ceremony, complete the marriage license after the ceremony and make sure it is filed timely back with the proper county office. On busy wedding days such as Valentines Day, WCM Administrator Rev. McElroy has performed up to 9 weddings in one day. He allowed only 1 hour between ceremonies.

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Helping Those that are Turned Away by Rev. Hass of Missouri

     I have performed 9 wedding ceremonies since my ordination by World Christianship Ministries. Two of these couples were in immediate need of help as the grooms were due to ship out for military duty, and they had families to look out for. One of the couples was refused help by two other local ministers. One minister refused because the couple were not members of his congregation, and the other because the bride was expecting a baby.

     I am so blessed with the help of your ministry. Blessed because I am able to help those people that are turned away, even when they are trying to do the right thing and marry and create the family unit that God instituted.

     I leave my card at the Recorder of Deeds office (marriage license section) and they refer me to couples that are in need of a minister, as judges no longer do wedding ceremonies. I am also the Chaplain for the Central Polk County Fire and Rescue Department.

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Seniors, Supplement your Retirement
performing Marriage Ceremonies!

From Minister Davis of Austin, Texas:

      I was ordained by World Christianship Ministries in 2015. I became ordained so I could perform the wedding ceremony for my granddaughter and her fiance. I really did not intend to do more weddings after that. However, I found that doing a ceremony was both quite easy and enjoyable. I followed the information in your Marriage Minister Handbook and found it was exactly what you said it was, straight to the point, easy to understand and the perfect reference for doing marriage ceremonies.

Since I am retired and on a fixed income, I decided to start doing marriages on the side to supplement my income. I advertised on the internet, and locally in the phone book and other places. Gradually I started getting clients and now I do about 6-10 marriages a week. You gave me the authority and ability to do wedding ceremonies and it has been a total blessing. I am 71 years old now and the extra income from  the ceremonies I perform has made a big difference in our standard of living.

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Started doing weddings after
the recession that started in late 2008.

From Rev. Stuart of Savannah, Georgia:

     The recession began in late 2008 and by late 2009, like many people, I lost my job and times were getting very hard. I came across the World Christianship Ministries website and became interested in doing marriage ceremonies to make extra money to stabilize my income and my families life.

     You explained that doing weddings is really a simple process and I decided to give it a try. After doing my first ceremony I was hooked. I followed the guidelines in the WCM Marriage Minister Handbook and found it to be very understandable. Eventually I was earning more money than I was making at the job I lost. Word of mouth gets around and I get lots of business now from references. Doing weddings allowed me to get through the recession without loosing my home to foreclosure. I was also able to maintain a decent life style for my family.

     I feel very blessed that God led me to your ministry and you gave me the authority to do Christian services like marriages! Thank you so much!

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Question:    How many wedding ceremonies has the Administrator/Bishop of World Christianship Ministries done himself?

Rev. McElroy (the founder and administrator of WCM) has performed over 2,500 marriage ceremonies in homes, gardens, parks, halls, churches, national parks, at the ocean, in the mountains, at places of business and even on horseback.

Question:    How much of an offering should I ask for doing a marriage ceremony?

Generally this is up to you.  On the average you might request an offering of $50 to $300 or more for doing a wedding ceremony depending on the size of the town or city, and whether or not it is a simple, informal or more formal ceremony. Doing marriage ceremonies is an excellent way to make a full or part time income. Most home ceremonies are simple and quick to perform. Most couples are not looking for a long ceremony, but rather a fairly short, but nice ceremony. The World Christianship Ministries Marriage Minister Handbook is a perfect reference for doing weddings in homes, gardens, parks, at business locations, almost anywhere.

Question:     Do I have to have a church to do weddings?

No, you do not need a physical church in order to do weddings.  You may work from your home if you wish.  Also, many of the people we ordain have family that get involved in the weddings by providing services like photographs, flowers, or taking appointments over the phone or computer.  There are many possibilities for family members who are creative. However, these are only suggestions and not a requirement. The marriage ceremony itself is the most important thing.

Question:    Will I be able to do weddings in all states?

Yes, you may perform legal weddings in all states as an ordained or licensed minister (clergy).  A few states require filing of credentials before doing a wedding ceremony. Check our Marriage Laws in Each State page for detailed information in your state. A few states also required a Letter of Good Standing for doing weddings. Nevada does not make it easy for independent ministers to do weddings, and New York City requires some extra steps also, but not the rest of New York state.

Question:    I would like to have my relative ordained just to do my wedding ceremony. Can this be done?

Yes, your relative (or friend) can be ordained and do your ceremony.  And, since we ordain individuals for life, your relative (or friend)  will always have the authority to perform a legal marriage ceremony and (or) begin a Christian ministry in the future if they wish to do so.

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