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1950's Walt Disney Mousketeers Singing "Fun With Music"  and  Learn to like People, Doddism & Alma Mater

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Featured Video this Month:  4 Mexican Dances Including the Famous "Mexican Hat Dance" Spectacular Performance by The Loktev Ensemble.!!!

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loktev ensemble members presentation
Members of the Loktev Ensemble give a brief presentation of some performances and talk about the ensemble. (4K Video)

The Loktev Ensemble

The Finest Musical Organization of it's kind In the World

Founded over 85 Years Ago

Completely Professional Dancers, Choir and Orchestra are all Part of the Ensemble
The youngest performers are just as professional as the older performers
Performances of original Russian dance, and dances from cultures all over the world, including the USA, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Israel, Bulgaria, Mexico, Argentina and so many more.
The ensemble even has a star in the constellation of Lyra Named after them and received the World Peace Council medal. This is Truly an Internationally Loved Musical Organization.
loktev ensemble spring becha dance
Spring - High Energy performance Russian dance. This dance and music generates lots of excitement with the audience. (4K Video)  Rehearsal With former Graduates
loktev ensemble maiden dance
Maiden Dance -  Non stop Exciting High Energy action throughout the dance. Audiences love the ensemble.
(4K Video)

loktev ensemble western dance
Western USA Style Dance - Choir sings in English. The music and dancing just plain makes you feel good. High Energy! (4K Video)
loktev dance of friendship pic
Dance of Friendship - Powerful High Energy Ending that leaves the audience Roaring and Clapping with Excitement during the finale. All age groups join together for the finale.
(4K Video)
loktev tarentella dance pic
Italian Tarantella Dance - Super Professional Younger Dancers Will Amaze You. The Choir and Orchestra outstanding and professional as always. (4K Video)
Close up private video of this performance in 2013. (HD)
loktev hungarian dance pic
Hungarian Dance - Beautiful and Poetic Dancing by the Ensemble. Folk dancing at its best! Young choir and orchestra are so talented & professional. (4K Video)
loktev feast of the young deer.
Feast of the Young Deer - Fascinating High Energy and enjoyable dance performance.
(4K Video)
loktev irish dance
Irish Dance - These young Russian dancers perform the perfect Irish dance. Extremely Enjoyable.
(4K Video)
loktev school polka
School Polka - Purely enjoyable dance with wonderful singing from the choir and fantastic music from the orchestra. (4K Video)   Rehearsal with Former Graduates
loktev greek dance
Greek Dance - Beautiful and Exciting Greek dance by the ensemble.
(4K Video)

loktev heart of the caucasus
Heart of the Caucasus - High energy performance from the Caucasus region. (4K Video)
loktev balalaika
Balalaika - Russian Comic Dance. Very fun and enjoyable performance. (4K Video)

loktev ensemble new choir members
Fascinating Indigenous type song by new members of the Choir.
loktev choir and orchestra
Choir, Orchestra Performance Singing and playing "Capital of a Happy Childhood".. (4K Video)
Spring Waltz-Blue Danube
Beautiful, Powerful and Fun (HD)
Long Live Friendship
Totally Outstanding (4K Video)
My City Will Be A Garden
Beautiful Talent (HD)
Concert Piece for Xylophone
High Energy Audience Favorite (HD)
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
In English and Beautiful (HD)
Russian Waltz
Beautiful, Talented Soloist & Choir
loktev rehersal
Yearly Get Together with Graduates There's a tradition in the Ensemble of Loktev. Each year, the ensemble graduates gather & together with the current members of the ensemble, dance, almost the entire repertoire, without stopping.(HD Video)

     Rehearsal of the Ensemble named after Lokteva. So much talent in the Choir, Dancers and Orchestra. Nov. 2023.
loktev bulgarian dance
Sacred Spring - Bulgarian Dance. Beautiful Dancing, Music and Energy. As always they wear beautiful traditional clothing of the countries they are representing in the dance. (4K Video)

Stage Rehearsal 2022

2023 Rehearsals in their
training center. The most
unique and fascinating
organization of its kind
in the world.

loktev ensemble jewish dance
Fun Place - Jewish Dance
Very High Energy Performance
and a very happy dance. Orchestra and choir are excellent. (4K Video)

loktev Mexican Dances
4 Exciting Mexican Dances by the always talented Loktev Ensemble. Includes the famous
Mexican Hat Dance"
Absolutely Spectacular !!!

Early Videos of the Loktev Ensemble:  Video 1 (1959) Video 2 (1966) On Tour,  Video 3 (1969) In Stadium Video 4 May their Always be Sunshine,
Video 5 (1968) Concert of the Song Ensemble in Moscow (2 hours of beautiful Music, Song and Dance)
,   Video 6 Similar Group (1965)

Videos from Other Countries
music jahre musikantenstadl
From Germany

A massive music event called : Jahre Musikantenstadl.
High Energy in the German way.

2nd Video below is of 5 winners of the Young Talent Competition at the event.

Die Twinnies -  Singing "Bavarian Girls" Bayernmadels

music hetty and the jazzato band
From Italy

Hetty & the Jazzato Band

Tu Vuo' Fa' L'Americano (You want to be an American)

Un Bacio a Mezzanotte (A Kiss at Midnight)

Tintarella Di Luna (Moon Tint)

Promo Video 2015 (Retro Italian Swing, 4 selections)
music allison young
From USA

Allison Young singing beautiful retro songs. Beautiful Voice!

Crazy (Patsy Cline) w/Josh Turner  Dreams (Fleetwood Mac) (HD)
Everyday (Buddy Holly) (HD)
I Can't Help Falling in Love (Elvis Presley) Awesome!!! (HD)
In Spite of Ourselves (John Prine) w/John Paterini (HD)
Sh-Boom (Life Could be a Dream) We'll Meet Again (Vera Lynn) (HD)
Be My Baby (HD)
Plastic Jesus w/Josh Turner (4K)
music dance folkies germany
From Germany

The Folkies from Rudolstadt

Thuringian Folklore Dance Emble Rudolstadt

Great music and dancing. A real "Crowd Pleasing" dance!

music mexican hat dance
From Mexico

The Mexican Hat Dance

Strong and enjoyable performance by the Mariachi Band and Dancers.

Retro Music From Top Performers of the Time
music glen miller orchestra 1941
From the USA

The Glenn Miller Orchestra

Chattanooga Choo Choo (1941)

Upbeat Music and Dancing from an era when Swing Music was King.

Glenn Miller's orchestra, band, singers and dancers were among the top entertainers of that era. In 1942 Glenn Miller joined the Army Air Force with the rank of Major after his officer training. He became Director of all bands for the AAF. He died in Dec. of 1944 in route to Paris when the plane he was in disappeared over the English Channel before the end of World War 2.
roy rogers and trigger
From the USA
Roy Rogers, King of the Cowboys and Trigger, Movie & Television Stars and "hero figures" to a generation of kids.

From the movie Hollywood Canteen (1944)

The Hollywood Canteen was a place where WW2 Military Men and Women went to eat, dance & socialize and were served by Hollywood Stars that did the bar tending, serving, bus boys, danced with the military men and women and provided entertainment.

Roy Rogers Theme Song
Happy Trails to You
Sons of the Pioneers
Mexicali Rose
mmc i want to be a fireman
From the USA

From Walt Disney's Original Mickey Mouse Club (1957)

I Want to Be A Fireman & Tiger Rag

This "High Energy" skit from Walt Disney's Original Mickey Mouse Club is one of their best. So powerful and entertaining that it might leave you exhausted from all the "Energy" you are exposed to.

High powered Dixieland Music

Fun With Music

Doddism & the Alma Mater

Don't miss these videos from a time when almost every child in the US who had a TV set tuned in to watch Walt Disney's Mouseketeers!

music vera lynn
From World War 2 Britain - Vera Lynn

Vera Lynn was the most beloved singer of World War 2. Here she sings some songs that were the most loved by the soldiers fighting in WW2 and most loved by the people on the "home front" during the war. Let us not forget the lessons of this war or it will happen again.

We'll Meet Again - This 1st song shows how deeply Vera was loved by the soldiers fighting the war. Full Song Version with Pictures

White Cliffs of Dover - This is about the British fighter pilots that flew in blue colored planes and saved Britain from invasion by the Germans, and about the hopes of the war ending so life could return to normal. The Air Battle of Britain lasted from July 1940 to Sept. 1940. Version with Actual Blue Birds.

Lili Marlene - A song of lovers in WW2 and how precious each moment together was.

When the Lights Go On Again (All over the World) - Hope & Prayers for a future.

Wartime Footage of Vera Lynn visiting "front line" soldiers in 1944.

elvis presley if i can dream
From the USA
Elvis Presley (1968 Comeback Special) Singing:
If I Can Dream

     Very powerful and dramatic performance by Elvis in this TV show.
     Most people do not know that even though Elvis was known as the "King of Rock and Roll" that he almost always insisted on singing a Gospel song at his performances. If the organizers of an event objected Elvis told them that he would not perform without it. Elvis always won. This God believing young man from Mississippi was far more than most people realize. He also served his country in uniform when drafted into the army after he was already famous.

betty hutton old man mose
From the USA
Betty Hutton, the Jitterbug Girl
From 1939 - Old Man Mose
High Energy

     Betty Hutton was unique in the entertainment field. She was one of the highest paid performers in the movie industry in the 1940's & 1950's. She was known for her high energy and honest answers if you asked her a question.

     Two more exciting clips of Betty's performances below.

Doctor, Lawyer & Indian Chief

Murder He Says (1943)

From the USA
The Blue Danube
     Liberace was said to have been the highest paid entertainer in the world for almost 25 years. More of his music below.
Boogie Woogie (1955)

Liberace Audience Requests Medley (1983)

12th Street Rag (50's)

Liberace and Tennessee Ernie Ford Performing "Night and Day" and "There Will be No New Tunes on this  Old Piano." Comedy mixed with Music!

Nicholas Brothers Dancing
From the USA
The Nicholas Brothers, 1943

     Appearing with Cab Colloway & his orchestra in the movie, "Stormy Weather." Super High Energy!!  Two of the most Exciting Dancers that ever lived!!

Nicholas Brothers Earlier Years
Lucky Numbers (1936)

Appearing with Glen Miller & his orchestra in 1941, 2nd half of video.
Chattanooga Choo Choo

Louie Prima and Keely Smith
From the USA
That Old Black Music
Louis Prima, Keely Smith & Band

More Songs (50's):

Just a Gigolo
(I Ain't Got Nobody)

Oh Marie
With Sam Butera & the Witnesses

Al Bowlly Melancholy Baby
From England
Al Bowlly Singing:
Melancholy Baby (1934)

     Al Bowlly, a popular singer in the 1930's, died in 1941. After a concert performance he was taking the train home in World War 2 London when a German parachute bomb struck the train. He was a very unique singer who could put emotion into his songs with his voice and gestures.

The Very Thought of You

Blue Moon (1936)

Feel the nostalgia of the era.

General Music & Performances   -   All pictures are clickable
karolina protsenko can't help falling in love
Karolina Protsenko
Street Performer Turns Professional
Singing and playing Elvis Presley's
Can't Help Falling in Love

Karolina started as a popular street performer at a young age. Her unique talent has made her an Internet Star.

Street Performance of same song in earlier years. Click Here

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) - Click Here

kristen mosca rag time piano
Kristen Mosca Ragtime Piano
Kristen is one of the best players of Ragtime Music. Enjoy several of her songs below. She also sits in as a guest performer at the Main Street Ragtime Piano in Disneyland when she is there. Wonderful Music. Early 1900's upbeat music.

Original Mary Poppins Medley
Be Our Guest - Disney
Dill Pickles Rag
Peacherine Rag
Maple Leaf Rag in Disneyland
Pineapple Rag
Maple Leaf Rag Again - Fast

josh turner sloop john B
Josh Turner Guitar
Live From The Bus
Sloop John B

Originally by the Beach Boys
in the late 1960's. (HD Video)

Upbeat and enjoyable music!

ensemble carousel at the ranch
Ensemble Carousel from Russia
At The Ranch

Really fun USA
western style dance.

Excellent young performers.

Exciting Upbeat Music!

(HD Video)
hillary klug oh suzanna
Hillary Klug
Oh Susanna

     Standing on a small dock on the Mississippi River, singing, dancing and playing the violin with the General Jackson Paddle Wheel River Boat passing by in the background.

     Just about as Southern as it gets. Awesome! (HD Video)

israel kamakawiwo ole over the rainbow
Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole

Somewhere Over the Rainbow
(Over One Billion Views on YouTube)

     IZ was a very popular singer all over the world. He passed away in 1997 in Honolulu, Hawaii. His ashes were scattered at Makua Beach on the Waianae Coast. This location and the scattering of IZ's ashes are shown at the end of this video.

caleb klauder country band
Caleb Klauder Country Band

Singing: C'est  Le Moment
     Beautiful country music by a very talented group. The young lady singing has a voice that's calm, relaxing, beautiful and memorable. If you enjoy country music don't miss this one.

Foghorn String Band A Fool Such As I
A Fool Such as I. Foghorn Stringband. Beautifully done song by the bands violin bass player.

stand for faith russian land
Kuban Cossack Choir Singing

Arise for Faith, o Russian Land
    One of the most powerful of Russian Patriotic songs. Dramatic, strong music and "super charged" colorful choir.
     Turn On CC Closed Caption for English words. CC is located at the bottom of the video when you put the mouse pointer over the video picture.

2nd Cossack Song titled:
You Tricked Me
This is a fun and energetic song.

francesco mercante bella ciao
Francesco Mercante
Street Artist (Musician) in Italy

Singing and playing
Bella Ciao

     Francesco's music is strong, enjoyable and popular as shown by the crowd as this video progresses.

miss maybelle minnie the mermaid
Miss Maybelle & Charlie Judkins

     Singing & Playing a 1923 Retro Fun Song called: Minnie the Mermaid

     Charlie Judkins with Miss Maybelle playing a Ragtime 1906 favorite called:
Pickles and Peppers Rag

Freckles Rag
Played on a old piano from
the Rag Time era.

Ragtime music is very upbeat music from the beginning of the 1900's.

Cotton Fields Back Home
Cotton Fields (Back Home)

     Powerful version of this classic Southern Song. Participants singing and playing at the same time from locations around the world. Amazing! Participants listed below:

> The California Feet Warmers, LA USA
> Jeron "Blind Boy" Paxton, LA USA
> Nori Naraoka, Tokyo, Japan
> Paulo Heman, Rio de Janerio, Brazil
> Quatzal & Lorenzo, Aztlan, Mexico
> Jon Porlas Jr, Honolulu Hawaii
> Ester Rose & Luke Winslow King, New Orleans USA
> Amanda Shaw, New Orleans, USA
> Fefe Lee, Buenos Aires, Argentina
> Takuya Kuroda, Ashya, Japan
> Vinnie Caggiano, Venice Beach, USA
> Jeffery "Jelly Bean" Alexander,
New Orleans, USA

Bei Mir Bist Du Shein
Mission Hot Club and
The Muted Jewel Tones

Bei Mir Bist Du Shein

     Beautiful rendition of this old popular Classic Song. Outstanding singers and musicians.

cajun song and dance louisiana
Cajun Music and Dance from Louisiana

Song is:
"Tit Galop Pour Mamou"
by: Pays D'en Haut

Cajun music in the US has French language heritage called French Creole language, as shown in this song. Music is upbeat, different and enjoyable.

Cajun Country Revival
You Won't Be Satisfied
(Live at Pickathon)

     Feel the energy in this Cajun song sung in French Creole language and then in English by participant Caleb Klauder.
Iris Dement
Iris DeMent

A Beautiful voice like no other!
The song is called:  "My Life"

More of Iris's songs of life below:

Our Town  -  God May forgive You

Childhood Memories

Easy's Getting Harder Every Day

You've Done Nothing Wrong

The Shores of Jordan

Hotter Than Mojave in My Heart

Sweet is the Melody

God Walks the Dark Hills

Fill My Way With Love

Infamous Angel

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
(This song that Iris made was used at the end of the movie True Grit, the 2nd "remake version" of the movie)

hillbilly girl galway ireland flashmob
Flashmob performance in Galway, Ireland shopping district

Song: Hillbilly Girl

     This flashmob in a shopping district in Galway, Ireland performs a high energy, enjoyable "Hillbilly" dance which is a real crowd pleasing performance.

Russian unique ballet
Igor Moiseyev Ballet Videos

Above Video Titled: Labor Day
A tribute to factory workers, machines & culture.

Watch these videos for the best and unusual in ballet from Russia. Purely enjoyable!

Video 2 Titled:
Day on the Ship, Navy Theme

Video 3 Titled: Sicilian Tarantella

This Ballet organization was founded in 1937.

kalinka ensemble from russia
Ensemble Kalinka from Russia
Song and performance is called

Warning: Very High Energy Performance with a "Super" High Energy ending.

     The song Kalinka was written around 1860. It is a very popular song in Russia. It is also the song this ensemble uses for their signature dance routine.

     This dance ensemble, where the youngest dancers perform just as professionally as the older dancers, was founded about 55 years ago.

The kempters unusual video
The Kempters
"The Most Bizarre Music Video We Ever Made" the Kempters say.

Just a Closer Walk with Thee

      As the young lady with the beautiful voice is walking, see if you can figure out what is strange about the people behind her as she passes by them. Hint: There are only 7 people in this video.

Super Sweet Performance
string group with old time songs
Turkey Creek String Band

Song 1:
The Girl I Left Behind Me
     The song originated around 1758
or before. This song was popular with both sides in the "American War Between the States" (Civil War) and soon thereafter migrated west around the later 1800's.

Song 2:
St. Anne's Reel (1929)

     This musical string ensemble plays these two songs in a powerful and enjoyable way.

young string ensemble russia
Irving Berlins "White Christmas"
Children's Art School #4

     This song is played beautifully by a young and highly talented Russian string ensemble.

     Russia is mostly a Christian country. Christmas trees and decorations are very much the same as how we celebrate Christmas in the US. Russia is a country of huge musical talent.

military tribute
The Swing Dolls
Armed Forces Medley
From the Mike Huckabee Show

     If you served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard or National Guards, this medley song will make you feel proud again and bring back memories of your days of service.

usmc graduation god bless america
      USMC Band plays "God Bless America" at graduation, Camp Pendleton, CA.

U.S. Navy Fleet Forces Band:
Best Rendition of
Anchors Aweigh
western style dance in russia
The Miras Ensemble
     Where can you find the best in USA western style dancing and song these days? Seems to be in Russia! Beautifully done western dance by The Maras Ensemble.

     From the World Famous Loktev Ensemble another beautifully done USA style Country Dance and the Russian choir sings in English.

     And from the Ensemble Carousel of Russia another USA style dance called At The Ranch. This is a very fun and enjoyable performance!

father and daughters acoustic trio
Franz Rhythm
Father & Daughters Acoustic Trio

Song: Chiquitita (Abba Cover)

     This family sings a stunningly beautiful rendition of the song Chiquitita originally made famous by the group Abba.

Fiddler Express Beck Family BandFiddle Express-Beck Family Band
Faded Love
with Ballroom Dancers

Fiddle Express Beck Family Band 2
     Extremely musically accomplished family making beautiful and charming music with ballroom style dancing. More Videos below:

Day of Russia in Crimea 7-12-2017
Musical Extravaganza
in Yalta, Crimea, Russia
(July 12th 2017)

     Celebrating "Day of Russia" a Russian National Holiday. Many wonderful performers on stage and also participation by the massive "Children's Choir of Russia." You will never see a more powerful patriotic celebration than these proud people in Crimea. 100% "charged up" crowd. Feel the Energy, it's everywhere in this video.

Ashokan Farewell Folk Alley
Ashokan Farewell
Jay Ungar &
Molly Mason Family Band

     This  song was selected for Ken Burns Civil war history Documentary Videos which aired on television in the 1980's.The song was composed in 1982 but has the feeling of being from the 1800's. The song was composed by Jay Ungar.

Blue Moon of Kentucky Carson Peters
Blue Moon of Kentucky
Performed by:
Young Carson Peters on the popular country show "The Grand Ole Opry".

     This is a powerful and enjoyable performance by a very talented young man. The audience is overwhelmed with this more than professional performance.

I Want to be a Cowboys Sweetheart Fehr Family Band
I Want to be a Cowboy's Sweetheart
Performed by:
The Fehr Family Band

     This song was written in 1935 by Patsy Montana who made the song famous and sold over 1 million records.
     In the 1930's, 1940's and into the 1950's Yodeling was often used in    western country songs, and Cowboy songs were hugely popular.
     The Fehr Family Band gives a beautiful performance of this song, and the young singer is absolutely perfect.

Grandpa (Tell me 'Bout the Good Old Days). Excellent nostalgia video!

patsy montana singing I Want to be a Cowboys Sweetheart
Patsy Montana sings the song she wrote and made famous (1939).

Soldiers Joy  Mount Nebo
Soldiers Joy
Performed by:
The Mount Nebo
Family Bluegrass Band

     Here is a young and talented family band playing a very enjoyable song that was written as far back as the late 1700's.

     These are excellent young performers showing us their great talent and playing the song in a way that makes you feel like you are momentarily back in the days of the American Revolution and the War Between the States.

Rank Stranger Stanley Brothers
Rank Stranger
The Stanley Brothers

     This pure Southern song is actually a religious song about a man who returns to his mountain home and finds that he does not know any of the people that are currently there. He calls the people "Rank Strangers" and he finds out all his friends and family have moved or died and gone back to Heaven.

Andre Rieu Blue Danube
The Beautiful Blue Danube
By: Andre Rieu and his
Johann Strauss Orchestra

     Andre Rieu is the Master of large Extravaganza Orchestra performances as shown by all the Massive shows above and below. These videos take orchestra performances to a new level.

Radetzky March
Super Excitement

The song the ships orchestra was playing on the Titanic in 1912 as the ship was sinking.

Performed at Andre Rieu's home town in the Netherlands.

Shocking: Bull attacks woman at concert!

Alta Kameraden (German) 2009
(Old Comrades)

I Heard the Bluebirds Sing Hugh P and Maria
I Heard The Bluebirds Sing
By: Hugh P & Daughter Maria

     Beautiful song sung in a beautiful way by this father, daughter team.

Edelweiss Avrora Childrens Choir
By: the Avrora Children's Choir of Russia

     The young choir sings this famous Austrian song beautifully. Very professional choir and musicians! The song is performed in English. A very warm and enjoyable performance.

Will I go, Will I come out
     Fascinating and unusual song by the Avrora Choir. Powerful ending.

     This choir is very unusual in that the choir performers are allowed to move around and express themselves as the music "moves them". Don't miss this highly motivated choir and their super talented Choir Director. So refreshing, warm, likeable and unique!
below zlato Christmas music
Jingle Bells
with Covid Lyrics and
English Subtitles
Upbeat and Fun!

Beloe Zlato
Folk Music Ensemble

2nd Song
California Dreamin'
The song is in English and
Soooo Good!!
Exciting Introduction.

3rd Song
'O sole mio - Italian Song
Comedy performance about "Misplaced Love" that has an unexpected ending!
Excellent fun video.

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