Life after Death a preview by World Christianship Ministries administrator Rev. D. E. McElroy, What proof is there that there is life after death, Does everyone go to heaven when they die, If I have been a sinner all my life will God accept me into heaven when I die, Is God really with me during my entire life and after, What proof do I have that God tried to influence my life when I was living, Have we really had prior lives on earth, What is the difference between a dream and a Near Death Experience, NDE, Can an atheist or agnostic enter heaven, Do only Christians go to heaven, What people who experience near death experiences show us, I have sinned much in my life will God forgive me and let me into heaven, Why are some peoples spirits sent back into the body after death, In Heaven will I really see my entire life replayed exactly as it happened on earth, Is there really a hell and if I am sent there can God take me out of there and let me enter Heaven,
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By Rev. D. E. McElroy, Administrator, World Christianship Ministries

Below are many testimonials by people who have experienced  "Near Death Experiences" (NDE). More testimonials will be added soon.

    The Definition of a "Near Death Experience" is: A person who has had a glimpse of the Spiritual life in Heaven. They have this experience because they clinically died and their spirit was released from their body. However, their clinical death was temporary. As such, after being revived in the hospital, they were able to tell us of what they learned in their brief glimpse of Heaven.

    Striking similarities exist in all the videos.  For instance, almost all of these people say that Heaven is "Pure Unconditional Love" like they never experienced on earth. Also, almost all of them say that they did not want to leave Heaven and return to their human bodies. They felt like they were absolutely home in Heaven, their real home. Another similarity is that these good people remember these experiences in precise detail. This is different than dreams which are usually almost totally forgotten after waking up.

    These videos were chosen because they appear to be very sincere, open and honest. There are hundreds of such videos on YouTube worth watching.

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Lani Learys NDE
Lani Leary's Near Death Experience (NDE)

Lani Leary, PH.D., author of "No One Has To Die Alone: Preparing for a Meaningful Death,"
describes the near death experience she had that changed her life.

Charlotte Thomason
Near Death Experience: An Unexpected Conversation with Jesus

Charlotte Thomason
jesus touched

Near-Death Experience - Jesus Touched My Shoulder

Filmed at the 4th Spiritual Retreat for Near Death Experiences, St Louis, May 2009.

nan died nde
This Man Died During Surgery, Met God & Asked Him, "What's the Meaning of Life?"

Richard's Story


Near-Death Experience; Pact with God - Alma

Filmed at the 11th Annual Spiritual Retreat for Near Death Experiences, St Louis, April 2016.

dr may neal

Dr. Mary Neal (Spinal Surgeon) - Raised from the dead Part 1 Converging Zone with Robert Ricciardelli

Interview Part 1          Interview Part 2

lisa nde 2011

LISA Near Death Experience (NDE) 2011

melinda lyons pets

Melinda Lyons NDE - Pets in Heaven

Melinda Lyons from Anchorage Alaska. She died at the age of 18 after eating a hot dog

animals in heaven

Animals In Heaven - ( Do Pets Go To Heaven?) - NDE Stories

youline stout

Yolaine Stout "A Suicidal Near-Death Experience and What it Taught Me About Life"

susan noeski nde

Susan Noeske NDE - Suicide is Cheating

asks to see chirst

Near-Death Experience, Asks to See The Christ

Filmed at the 9th Annual Spiritual Retreat for Near Death Experiences, St Louis, May 2014.

More Videos Coming Soon
Coming videos will be by people who have seen hell and were saved from staying there by God (Jesus).

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