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God is Light and God is Love....Described by Jesus and described in almost all of the videos on this page.

There are millions of people around the world who have experienced a glimpse of Heaven after dying clinically. Their clinical death lasted from a few minutes up to 40 minutes. They died from accidents, attempted suicide, or from mistakes in hospitals from careless personnel and doctors. The videos on this page are compelling testimonies about what our future is in Heaven, and that death need not be feared as it is not the end of life. The Spirit really does leave the body after death. The earthly body dies, but the Spirit returns to heaven from where it came. And yes, Jesus is absolutely in Heaven and has been encountered by many of the people in these Life after Death videos, along with real Angels and Spirit Guides, and many also say "God".

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By Rev. McElroy, Administrator, World Christianship Ministries

Returning to our real home!

Below are many testimonials by people who have experienced  "Near Death Experiences" (NDE) or "After Death Experiences (ADE). More testimonials will be added soon.

    The Definition of a "Near Death Experience" is: A person who has had a glimpse of the Spiritual life in Heaven. They have this experience because they clinically died and their spirit was released from their body. However, their clinical death was temporary. As such, after being revived in the hospital, they were able to tell us of what they learned in their brief glimpse of Heaven.

    Striking similarities exist in all the videos.  For instance, almost all of these people say that Heaven is "Pure Unconditional Love" like they never experienced on earth. Also, almost all of them say that they did not want to leave Heaven and return to their human bodies. They felt like they were absolutely home in Heaven, their real home. Another similarity is that these good people remember these experiences in precise detail, even after years or decades have gone by. This is different than dreams which are usually almost totally forgotten after waking up.

    These videos were chosen because they appear to be very sincere, open and honest. There are hundreds of such videos on YouTube worth watching.

    Your comments about this webpage are welcome. E-Mail us at  wcm@wcm.org  if you would like to leave any comments.

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Definitions:  NDE = Near Death Experience | Source = God, the one and only creator | The Dead = Souls (Spirits) that have returned to Heaven, our real home
God is Light and Pure Love as stated by Jesus Himself, and experienced by almost all of the people below in their testimonies.

barbara whitfields nde
Barbara Whitfields Near Death Experience
Excellent and Humbling Testimony by Ex-Atheist
Clear description of how knowledge, love and acceptance is past back and forth almost instantly in Heaven
nde ashley marks
Ashley Marks, Middle School Teacher, Near Death Experience at 12 Years Old

Died at a local neighborhood Halloween house
In Heaven she was told she was an older soul who had reincarnated many times before. Compelling description of Heaven, reincarnation, the love in Heaven, how we plan our own return to earth and more.    Prior Video
nde norma edwards
Norma Edwards - Life After NDE (2019)

Excellent description of heaven, what is expected of us on earth, how our soul progresses and so much more.
This is one of the best testimonies of how our soul progresses and what holds us back from the lessons we came here (earth) to learn.  Did we fulfill our contract concerning what we came here to achieve? No? Then we will come back to earth again (reincarnate) until we do.
nde nurse shares experiences with nde
Becki Hawkins
Nurse Shares 30 Years of Spiritual Experience with Death and Dying

Hospice Nurse and Chaplain
Straight from the heart talk of her experiences with dying people. Many of her patients have reported Near Death Experiences (NDE).

nde karen blanc thomas
Karen Blanc Thomas Near Death Experience
From the "We Don't Die" Radio Show
One of the best most detailed NDE accounts that you will hear!

roberta grimes love and afterlife
Roberta Grimes - Love and the Afterlife
  Eye opening Videos - 50 Years of research - Straight talk - It's all about what Jesus teaches us!
Touched by Jesus at age 8
Jesus, the Afterlife and Quantum Physics          What Jesus Taught
nde dianne sherman
Dianne Sherman's Near Death Experience
Answers some serious questions after her NDE testimony concerning her experience in the Heaven.

700 club car accident
Dann and Tracy are hit head-on by a drunk driver. Their car burst into flames and death seemed almost certain.

Angelic Encounter
700 Club Video

Lani Learys NDE

Lani Leary, PH.D., author of "No One Has To Die Alone: Preparing for a Meaningful Death,"describes the near death experience she had that changed her life.

nde 700 club face to face with god

Near Death Experience Puts Man Face-to-Face With God, 700 club
Wife asks God to Break her husband in order to save him - Very Emotional.

Charlotte Thomason

Near Death Experience of Charlotte Thomason
At age 11, Charlotte died after giving birth. In this video she describes what happened in the moments before she revived.
Her conversation with Jesus is not what you expect!

clint walker nde

60's Western TV Star Clint Walker on his near death experience. 2009 Interview

Pronounced dead by 2 doctors after a ski pole pierced his heart in 1971

2nd Interview 2012
jesus touched
Present - Linda Jacquin and the Near Death Experience - Second Experience

Near-Death Experience - Jesus Touched My Shoulder - First Experience

Filmed at the 4th Spiritual Retreat for Near Death Experiencers, St Louis, May 2009. Powerful Testimonies

ralph jensen nde
Taught by Jesus Christ

Ralph Jensen's Near Death Experience

Shown the actual events of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead
and of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

martha st claire nde
Martha St. Claire NDE

We all have a purpose on earth before returning to our real home in heaven

Water Skiing  accident

We are Spiritual Beings on this earth having a Human Experience
brian weiss

Expanded details of the information found in the Videos on this page!
Compelling and detailed videos by:

Dr. Brian Weiss

Dr. Weiss is a psychiatrist, hypnotherapist and specializes in past life regression. His research includes reincarnation, past life regression, future life progression and survival of the soul after death. He claims to have regressed more than 4,000 patients since 1980.

bob olson the life your soul planned
After Life TV with Bob Olson
The Life Your Soul Planned Before You Were Born

With Robert Schwartz

How our lives are planned before conception and what is the purpose

Earth is a School, a Learning Center for the Soul
christina lopez
Christina Lopes
How Reincarnation Really Works - What You Need to Know

Learning how reincarnation works, Step by Step.

Straight to the point information presented in an easy to understand way.

jean charles life between lives
Jean Charles Chabot
The Souls Mission or Soul Contract

Soul Regression Video

Spirit Guide has been with one man for 30 lifetimes.

Only the Body Dies, Your Soul is Eternal

John 11:25
"Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:"

Many of the people in these videos describe God as "pure light" and "pure energy" that can manifest in whatever way God wishes.
What does the Bible say?
1 John 1:5 King James Version

"This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all."

poems and goodbuys
A dying mom and her daughters say goodbye.

Heart moving video of two wonderful daughters reading poems they wrote for their mom, followed by very intense emotion. Their mom passed away 2 days later.
nan died nde
swill child nde michele fischer wirz

Michele Fischer Wirz - Swiss Child NDE with English Subtitles
Testimony of what happened to her when she was a little girl living in South Africa.
She took an accidental overdose of pills and died. She tells of her experience after death.
What happens to a child when they die.

nde sharon milliman
Sharon Milliman - Near Death Experience
After being struck by lightening

Delightful and sweet young woman's beautiful and emotional description of her short stay in heaven,
and her encounter with God

Near-Death Experience; Pact with God - Alma
Annual Spiritual Retreat for Near Death Experiencers, St Louis, April 2016.

dr may neal

Spinal Surgeon - TV Interviews, drowned, 30 minutes under water in remote part of Chili, South America.

dr eben aleander nde

Dr. Eben Alexander, Near Death Experience NDE
Neurosurgeon - Serious infection of the brain left him with little hope, until his Near Death Experience.

lisa nde 2011

LISA Near Death Experience (NDE) 2011

Moving testimony of her Near Death Experience

nde vicki noratuk
Vicki Noratuk's Near Death Experience

Blind since birth - Saw Heaven after a car accident - Compelling testimony
"In Heaven we are made whole, there are no disabilities"

nde janet tarantino
Janet Tarantino Near Death Experience

Died in bed at night from an allergic reaction

Choose not to stay in Heaven after God showed her that one of her son's would go down the wrong path
in life in the future without her guidence. Very emotional.

nde thomas fleischmann
Thomas Fleischmann MD - Emergency Physician

"From Life to Death Beyond and Back"
Dr. Fleischmann has seen over 2,000 humans die but brought back several hundred of them to life.
He shares what he learned from many of the people that came back to life and told their stories to him.

attorney nanci danison nde

Attorney Nanci Danison NDE - Merging and Religion
One of the people whose Spirit has progressed the farthest in Heaven
before returning to the Human Body

melinda lyons pets

Melinda Lyons NDE - Pets in Heaven
Melinda Lyons, Anchorage Alaska. She died at the age of 18 after eating a hot dog

Matthew 10:28
"And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell."

animals in heaven

Animals In Heaven - ( Do Pets Spirits Go To Heaven?) - NDE Stories

Good News Pet Owners - Yes, the Souls of our pets DO GO TO HEAVEN and we will see them again!

rosemary's nde

Rosemary's NDE and Spontaneous Healing
Died and went to Heaven with her sense of humor intact.

youline stout

Yolaine Stout "A Suicidal Near-Death Experience and What it Taught Me About Life"

Very compelling testimony of Yolaine's search for a way to commit suicide without it looking like a suicide.
What she found in the attempt completely change her life around for the better.

susan noeski nde

Susan Noeske NDE - Suicide is Cheating

NDE after extreme complications of pregnancy during birth in the hospital
peter panagori nde
Peter Panagore's NDE

Died from hypothermia while mountain climbing - Very Compelling testimony
How we create pain to ourselves and others on earth and more.
Why he regretted coming back to earth - Asked if he could come back to heaven when he finally died
heidi craig nde
The Near Death Experience of Heidi Craig
An abusive & traumatic Childhood - After being in Heaven, now learning Forgiveness & Self Love
Experiences on Earth, good and bad, are to expand our soul and to learn
Very Powerful Testimony
asks to see chirst

Near-Death Experience, Asks to See The Christ

Filmed at the 9th Annual Spiritual Retreat for Near Death Experiencers, St Louis, May 2014.

nde brief testimonies
Many Brief Testimonies

Peoples short return to heaven, our real home
Heaven is light, love, peace, no anxiety, knowing that we all are part of God, there has always been a purpose for our life on earth.

Psalm 23 King James Version (KJV)

  The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

yvonne nde 700 club

Being Face to Face with God - Yvonne 700 Club
Double pneumonia puts Yvonne on life support and in a medically induced coma for six weeks.
After an encounter with Jesus, she miraculously wakes up three days before life support is to be stopped.

penny's near death experience

Penny's Near Death Experience
Died briefly from a bee sting on a golf course

Barbara Bartolome coming back
Barbara Bartolome Near Death Experience, NDE, Coming Back

Barbara Bartolome left her body when an error was made during a medical procedure.

beverly brodsky nde

Near-Death Experience; Oneness with God; Life Continues
Beverly Brodsky's Near Death Experience, Motor Cycle Accident

nde dr rajiv partis
Present - Dr. Rajiv Partis NDE

Hindu immigrant to US encounters Angels during his Near Death Experience
Dies from botched prostate surgery and massive infection from Dr. implanted device

ana christina nde
Ana Christina, Her NDE When She Was Almost Murdered
Ana came close to death as a result of an attempted murder by poisoning.
more about the angels

More About the #Angels From My #NDE

Trisha Barker was agnostic until her Near Death Experience

John 5:24
Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.

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The point at which the soul is put into the human body
Why we are rarely able to remember our prior lives on earth
Why so many of us feel that earth has never been our real home
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