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"More Knowledge is Better Than Less Knowledge"  -  This page is dedicated to Learning and New Knowledge.
If you are on this page it is because you were guided here to learn about your souls past, present and future.
God is Light and God is Love....Described by Jesus and described in almost all of the videos on this page.
There are millions of people around the world who have experienced a glimpse of Heaven after dying clinically. Their clinical death lasted from a few minutes up to 40 minutes. They died from accidents, attempted suicide, or from mistakes in hospitals from careless personnel and doctors. The videos on this page are compelling testimonies about what our future is in Heaven, and that death need not be feared as it is not the end of life. Our Soul really does leave the body after death. The earthly body dies, but our Soul returns to heaven from where it came. Yes, Jesus is absolutely in Heaven and has been encountered by many of the people in these Life after Death videos, along with real Angels and Spirit Guides, and many also say "God" the "Source" of everything. If you wish to talk with Jesus when your soul returns to heaven, all you have to do is ask.
NDE Life After Death Preview
By Rev. McElroy, Administrator, World Christianship Ministries

Returning to our real home!

Below are many testimonials by people who have experienced  "Near Death Experiences" (NDE) or "After Death Experiences (ADE). More testimonials will be added soon.

    The Definition of a "Near Death Experience" is: A person who has had a glimpse of the Spiritual life in Heaven. They have this experience because they clinically died and their soul was released from their human body. However, their clinical death was temporary. As such, after being revived in the hospital, they were able to tell us of what they learned in their brief glimpse of Heaven.

    Striking similarities exist in all the videos.  For instance, almost all of these people say that Heaven is "Pure Unconditional Love" like they never experienced on earth. Also, almost all of them say that they did not want to leave Heaven and return to their human bodies. They felt like they were absolutely home in Heaven, their real home. Another similarity is that these good people remember these experiences in precise detail, even after years or decades have gone by. This is different than dreams which are usually almost totally forgotten after waking up.

    These videos were chosen because they appear to be very sincere, open and honest. There are hundreds of such videos on YouTube worth watching.

    Your comments about this webpage are welcome. E-Mail us at  wcm@wcm.org  if you would like to leave any comments.

Newest videos are highlighted in Yellow.

nde penny wittbrodt
Featured Video
Initial bad service at a hospital after anaphylactic shock sends her into a Near Death Experience.. Angry at God until God shows her the purpose of her and her children's hard times on earth.. Life Review she initially feared turns into greater understanding.. We are all energy which always exists but can change forms.. Thoughts have a measure of energy that can be positive or negative and affect peoples lives.. God tells her how a real part of him is in all people on earth and can not be removed.. All of our souls are a small piece of God our creator.                 
Video by: Grief 2 Growth
nde nicole dron
Featured Video
NDE experience at age 26 in 1967
Shown the evolution of earth & giants that walked the earth. Told that life was everywhere in the universe. Shown some of the future in her life. Told that currently earth is not a sacred planet but evolving. Christ, Buddha & Muhammad are working together to regenerate the earth. Shown that great violence is rising. Told that Christ is beyond all religions and represents the fullness of God. Shown that we on earth must work on the Love within us.      Much to learn in this video testimony
JeffMara Podcasts Inspirational Messages from Near Death Experiencers and more! Love really is the answer!
Video #1     Video #2     Video #3     Video #4     Video #5     Video #6

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Definitions:  NDE = Near Death Experience | Source = God, the one and only creator | The Dead = Souls (Spirits) that have returned to Heaven, our real home
God is Light and Pure Love as stated by Jesus Himself, and experienced by almost all of the people below in their testimonies.
nde jane smith
Jayne Smith's "Straight to the Point" Near Death Experience
God's Love told her "You are my beloved Soul, I love you with all my heart, I love you without condition, you are precious to me beyond belief".. Jayne was told that she was "an immortal being, had always existed, always would exist, was eternal and indestructible".. She Was told "there are no sins, not the way you think of them on earth".. Excellent straight from the heart interview..
nde anke evertz thanatos tv
Nine Days of Eternity

Thanatos TV Interview with Anke Evertz
Profound Near Death Experience During a Coma
Excellent descriptions concerning so many aspects of our soul life and reincarnation.

Link to Other Thanatos TV NDE Interviews on YouTube

barbara whitfields nde
Barbara Whitfields Near Death Experience
Excellent and Humbling Testimony by Ex-Atheist
Clear description of how knowledge, love and acceptance is past back and forth almost instantly in Heaven
nde dr pim van lommel

Consciousness is with our soul not in the brain. The soul controls all consciousness and thought and the brain only controls the body's functions. The brain also seems to be the source of the "ego"..Functions of the brain include maintaining the health of the body and such. The soul works through the brain to control things like movement of limbs, hearing, sight, speech and more. Without the soul the body is just a lump of flesh and bone. The body is just a container for our soul to experience challenges on earth to advance our soul in heaven, our real home. How do we know this? Because when NDE people report their soul leaving the body during clinical death, all thought, memory and intelligence remains with that soul.  World-renowned cardiologist Dr. Pim van Lommel from Holland explains in his two videos below how his old world beliefs about the brain and consciousness were cast aside after he began learning about NDE experiences that happened with his patients when they would die briefly from heart failure. He has spoken with hundreds of NDE survivors that totally changed his beliefs about where our consciousness really resides. (Conclusion) Most of modern medicine is living in the "dark ages" concerning this issue.

Video #1                              Video #2

nanci danison nde
Nanci Danison NDE - The Profound Afterlife Experience
One of the people whose Spirit has progressed the farthest in Heaven before returning to the Human Body. Very compelling interview!
2009 Interview Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Final Part

Karma and Choosing Physical Lifetimes
rienie and robert henry jeffmara podcast 329
Featured Video
Souls agree to come to earth to learn. Almost all of us have had Multiple Lives. There are no demons or a hell, that is a concept based on human fears and unbalance. All Souls are equal. Soul growth can increase based on our earth experiences. So much more to learn in this video.
nde christian sundberg
Pre-Birth Experience: Life Before Birth and Life Before Earth!
Christian Sundberg interview by Passion Harvest - Excellent Video
Amazing memories of how Christian's current life was planned before reincarnating to earth. Why God "Source" allowed him to keep some memories of his soul and heaven when he returned to earth. Why we choose to come to earth and lead the lives we do and so much more.
More Videos by Passion Harvest

nde eben alexander
Dr. Eben Alexander, Near Death Experience NDE - JeffMara Podcast
Neurosurgeon - Serious infection of the brain left him with little hope - until his Near Death Experience.
Detailed information about NDE and Quantum Physics, where consciousness resides in our body and so very much more in detail. Lots of details about how our soul works with the body and with with the universe.
Video 2
A Part of God is in Everyone and Can't Be Removed - We can say that all living things have God's DNA.
Words that that come from Non-Christian source but conform to God and Christ as defined by the videos on this page.
Video 1     -     Video 2
nde cavern films sondra boyd
nde cavern films panel discussions
Cavern films - Consciousness Continuing - 2 Excellent Videos, Enlightening Information

Video #1 - Raw Interview Footage of Sondra Boyd about her Near Death Experience and after effects. Excellent unedited video showing Sondra's NDE experiences in a very descriptive way that almost all of us can relate to.

Video #2 - What happens to people after an NDE (Near Death Experience). This is a panel discussion with 6 Near Death Experiencers. Excellent information from each of the panel members concerning their thoughts during the moments of death of their body's and what happened after that and so very much more. This video was filmed at the IANDS (International Association for Near Death Studies) Convention in Seattle Washington in 2013.

There is a lot to learn in these two videos. The legitimacy of these videos and all of the videos on this page is that these people remember their experiences in detail often decades after their experiences, and that they speak without a script or notes. In other words, they speak from the heart. Also, the information they provide about our real home, Heaven, is the same in so many areas. They speak of the powerful love of Heaven, the feeling they are returning to their "real home", how God does not judge us the way religions say, but rather lets us judge ourselves through "Life Reviews" of our entire life on earth. The Life Review encompass what we felt and what the people we interacted with felt during our life. This means if we caused others pain and suffering in our lifetime then we will feel that pain and suffering ourselves in the Life Review, and that is where the judgement is. Concerning God, God loves all of us and that love is total and eternal. Our souls are a part of God.
nde ashley marks
Ashley Marks, Middle School Teacher, Near Death Experience at 12 Years Old

Died at a local neighborhood Halloween house
In Heaven she was told she was an older soul who had reincarnated many times before. Compelling description of Heaven, reincarnation, the love in Heaven, how we plan our own return to earth and more.    Prior Video
jenny cockell past lifes
Jenny Cockell - Has Detailed Memory of Many Past Lives
Fascinating interview where Jenny details her memory of past lives, visited a prior life home in Ireland, met with some of her prior life 8 children, visited the hospital there where she died at age 37,  and so much more. Also talks of prior lives in Japan and France. Jenny said when she was young in this current life she thought all kids had prior life memories like her.
NDE LoveCoveredLife
Karen Thomas Near Death Experience - Excellent Information
Interviews by Love Covered Life, Melissa (Mel) Denyce

Part 1- Former Fundamentalist Has A Near Death Experience

Part 2 - What She Believes About Jesus After Her NDE

nde michele boglis
Dying Wasn't Bad at All says Michele Bogli-Mastria

Near Death Experience and More. Amazing details and insight in her testimony.
Why we are on earth   -   No divine entity waiting to punish us in heaven
Has had prior reincarnation lives saying "In one life I was a perpetrator and in another life I was a victim"

nde ellen whealton
Near Death Experience of Ellen Whelton
Charming and humbling testimony of her returning to heaven at age 12 after being kicked in the head by a horse. Spoke with Jesus and another heavenly spirit with Jesus she later believes was Buddha. Very enlightening and spiritual. She says, "We can accomplish unbelievable things if we break away from earthly restrictions. We are light, love and all of us have a purpose."
nde norma edwards
Norma Edwards - Life After NDE (2019)

Excellent description of heaven, what is expected of us on earth, how our soul progresses and so much more.
This is one of the best testimonies of how our soul progresses and what holds us back from the lessons we came here (earth) to learn.  Did we fulfill our contract concerning what we came here to achieve? No? Then we will come back to earth again (reincarnate) until we do.
nde nurse shares experiences with nde
Becki Hawkins
Nurse Shares 30 Years of Spiritual Experience with Death and Dying

Hospice Nurse and Chaplain
Straight from the heart talk of her experiences with dying people. Many of her patients have reported Near Death Experiences (NDE).

nde karen blanc thomas
Karen Blanc Thomas Near Death Experience
From the "We Don't Die" Radio Show
One of the best most detailed NDE accounts that you will hear!

nde wolfgang moissl
Wolfgang Moissl's Near Death Experience
Died quickly at home from fast moving circulatory collapse 30 years ago.

> Confirmed his religious teachings of "A Here After" - "A Divine Love" - "Other Dimensions Do Exist" - "They welcome us (back home) when we leave this world. (earth)"
> Very compelling interview speaking about how Plato, who lived around 428-347 BC wrote of Near Death Experiences. "By Nature we are Spiritual Beings, Not Materialistic Beings" - "We Rediscover Ourselves When We Leave this World (earth)"
He also speaks quite intelligently and wisely concerning a problem that exists with almost all religions. Don't miss this interview.
roberta grimes love and afterlife
Roberta Grimes - Love and the Afterlife
  Eye opening Videos - 50 Years of research - Straight talk - It's all about what Jesus teaches us!
Touched by Jesus at age 8
Jesus, the Afterlife and Quantum Physics          What Jesus Taught
nde kathleen lightworker jeffmara podcast
Kathleen J. Lightworker, NDE Experience
Very humbling testimony of her death in the back of an ambulance, the light beings she encountered, and the affects on her life thereafter. Kathleen has a unique way of describing her experiences and life which we would describe as Spiritual. Excellent Video!
From JeffMara Podcasts
nde dianne sherman
Dianne Sherman's Near Death Experience
Answers some serious questions after her NDE testimony concerning her experience in the Heaven.

Manuela Fazzi NDE
Manuela Fazzi - Dramatic description of her NDE during botched operation for a simple routine procedure. Left with horrible physical problems because of incompetent doctors mistakes. During her NDE she was able to read the thoughts of medical personnel working on her body before being pulled up into "the Light" of love and a reflection of the points in her life where she experienced real love.

How many people in the USA do you think die from doctor and other medical personnel mistakes each year? Hint, 3rd leading cause of death just behind heart disease and cancer. Click Here for more information.
700 club car accident
Dann and Tracy are hit head-on by a drunk driver. Their car burst into flames and death seemed almost certain.

Angelic Encounter
700 Club Video

Lani Learys NDE

Lani Leary, PH.D., author of "No One Has To Die Alone: Preparing for a Meaningful Death,"describes the near death experience she had that changed her life.

nde delores cannon
Based on regressing people and learning about the afterlife and past lives.
"There is no hell it's an invention by the church" (Burning & torture for eternity is not true.)
"Earth is hell, that's where people hurt each other"
nde melissa denyce
My Near Death Like Experience
by Melissa (Mel) Denyce - Love Covered Life
Very descriptive video on the Love Melissa felt when she briefly returned to Home (Heaven). Melissa's description of her experience is straight to the point, enlightening, and informative. Knowledge that we all get back when we return home is quickly "downloaded" into her memory, as it will with us in the future.
It's All About Love! There is no punishment waiting for us when we return home.
Charlotte Thomason

Near Death Experience of Charlotte Thomason
At age 11, Charlotte died after giving birth. In this video she describes what happened in the moments before she revived.
Her conversation with Jesus is not what you expect!

clint walker nde

60's Western TV Star Clint Walker on his near death experience. 2009 Interview

Pronounced dead by 2 doctors after a ski pole pierced his heart in 1971

2nd Interview 2012
The most extensive collection of Near Death testimonies you will find.
Testimonies from all over the world.

nderf page
Excellent Website to Research Near Death Experiences.
International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS)  iands button link  Excellent NDE Resources
Thanatos TV Interviews - Life Before and After Death
Many Informative Videos Concerning NDE Near Death Experiences by Very Credible People

jesus touched
Present - Linda Jacquin and the Near Death Experience - Second Experience

Near-Death Experience - Jesus Touched My Shoulder - First Experience

Filmed at the 4th Spiritual Retreat for Near Death Experiencers, St Louis, May 2009. Powerful Testimonies

nde meets God learns about love
Chris Batts NDE Experience
Thrown in a garbage dumpster as a baby - Abusive loveless childhood - Attempted suicide at age 23 - Met God during his Near Death Experience - Learned that God loves everyone including him - Now leads a life helping others.  Excellent and well spoken description of God's love and our purpose for being on earth and more.
who we are nde
anita moorjni ndedr eben alexander md ndeDean Radin ndemarjorie woollacott ndeRupert Sheldrake ndeBruce Lipton ndeJohn Butler nde
Left to Right Above:  Anita Moorjani NDE, Dr. Eben Alexander MD, Dean Radin PhD, Marjorie Woolacott PhD, Rupert Sheldrake PhD, Bruce Lipton-Biologist, John Butler-Meditator

Anita Moorjani and Dr. Eben Alexander MD Neurosurgeon talk about their Near Death Experiences and all 7 people talk about the scientific angles that tie into our souls existence in human bodies on this earth, and how our soul leaves the body at the time of death of the body. The body is of the earth but the soul is of God.

nde trisha barker

More Love Than We Can Imagine!

Trisha Barker was agnostic until her Near Death Experience
Charming young woman talking about the love of the spirit world,
and Near Death Experiences. Enlightening!
martha st claire nde
Martha St. Claire NDE

We all have a purpose on earth before returning to our real home in heaven

Water Skiing  accident

We are Spiritual Beings on this earth having a Human Experience
this world is not my home
This World is Not My Home!

Song video from YouTube.

We are just passing through!

NDE Anne Hall FeffMara Podcast
Atheist Acknowledges God Exists During her Near Death Experience
Anne Hall - JeffMara Podcasts
Straight from the heart testimony of her experiences.
Calls on Jesus during her NDE and learns why she needs to go back to her body. Jesus tells Anne that her life is important in ways she did not realize. He also tells her that the current life she has on earth was planned in conjunction with other souls who reincarnated to earth with her. She had clinically died after a drug overdose at age 15.
brian weiss

Expanded details of the information found in the Videos on this page!
Compelling and detailed videos by:

Dr. Brian Weiss

Dr. Weiss is a psychiatrist, hypnotherapist and specializes in past life regression. His research includes reincarnation, past life regression, future life progression and survival of the soul after death. He claims to have regressed more than 4,000 patients since 1980.

bob olson the life your soul planned
After Life TV with Bob Olson
The Life Your Soul Planned Before You Were Born

With Robert Schwartz

How our lives are planned before conception and what is the purpose

Earth is a School, a Learning Center for the Soul
christina lopez
Christina Lopes
How Reincarnation Really Works - What You Need to Know

Learning how reincarnation works, Step by Step.

Straight to the point information presented in an easy to understand way.

jean charles life between lives
Jean Charles Chabot
The Souls Mission or Soul Contract

Soul Regression Video

Spirit Guide has been with one man for 30 lifetimes.

Only the Body Dies, Your Soul is Eternal
poems and goodbuys
A dying mom and her daughters say goodbye.

Heart moving video of two wonderful daughters reading poems they wrote for their mom, followed by very intense emotion. Their mom passed away 2 days later.
nde harriet scott assisted suicide thoughts
Assisted Suicide Thoughts - Harriet Scott's Story
Harriet's thoughts in her last days on earth are very compelling. She talks about assisted suicide in a very personal way. She shares her personal feelings about being a strong woman in life and how it affects her now as her physical life is ebbing away quickly. What's wrong with our government and why they should not interfere with our end of life wishes. Don't miss this video and the one above, "Poems and Goodbyes"..

nan died nde
swill child nde michele fischer wirz

Michele Fischer Wirz - Swiss Child NDE with English Subtitles
Testimony of what happened to her when she was a little girl living in South Africa.
She took an accidental overdose of pills and died. She tells of her experience after death.
What happens to a child when they die.

chaplain david maginley
Love is the only True Religion!

The Power of Near Death Experiences to prepare us for the Final Journey.
By Chaplain David Maginley
Experienced a NDE during church service.
Lots of new things to learn from Chaplain Maginley and his experiences.

nde sharon milliman
Sharon Milliman - Near Death Experience
After being struck by lightening

Delightful and sweet young woman's beautiful and emotional description of her short stay in heaven,
and her encounter with God

Near-Death Experience; Pact with God - Alma
Annual Spiritual Retreat for Near Death Experiencers, St Louis, April 2016.

dr may neal

Spinal Surgeon - TV Interviews, drowned, 30 minutes under water in remote part of Chili, South America.

Question: What words in The Christian Bible match what NDE Experiencers encounter?
Answer: All words that concern what Jesus says about God being Love and Light and all parts that embrace Love and all the words that reflect Love. Also, all words that say Faith in God does not diminish during times of adversity....We are in these physical human bodies to learn serious lessons on this earth.
lisa nde 2011

LISA Near Death Experience (NDE) 2011

Moving testimony of her Near Death Experience

nde vicki noratuk
Vicki Noratuk's Near Death Experience

Blind since birth - Saw Heaven after a car accident - Compelling testimony
"In Heaven we are made whole, there are no disabilities"

nde janet tarantino
Janet Tarantino Near Death Experience

Died in bed at night from an allergic reaction

Choose not to stay in Heaven after God showed her that one of her son's would go down the wrong path
in life in the future without her guidance. Very emotional.

nde thomas fleischmann
Thomas Fleischmann MD - Emergency Physician

"From Life to Death Beyond and Back"
Dr. Fleischmann has seen over 2,000 humans die but brought back several hundred of them to life.
He shares what he learned from many of the people that came back to life and told their stories to him.

melinda lyons pets
Melinda Lyons NDE - Pets in Heaven

Died at 18 years of age after eating a hot dog.

God loves all of us and when our body dies our soul returns to where it came from, Heaven! God will not judge us for our sins. Instead, God will let us judge ourselves after we are given a life review which includes everything from birth to death and all the emotions we felt in that lifetime, as well as all the emotions of the people we interacted with in our human life. In short, if we hurt people we will feel their pain. If we did good things for people we will feel their happiness, and so on.
animals in heaven

Animals In Heaven - ( Do Pets Spirits Go To Heaven?) - NDE Stories

Good News Pet Owners - Yes, the Souls of our pets DO GO TO HEAVEN and we will see them again!

rosemary's nde

Rosemary's NDE and Spontaneous Healing
Died and went to Heaven with her sense of humor intact.

youline stout

Yolaine Stout "A Suicidal Near-Death Experience and What it Taught Me About Life"

Very compelling testimony of Yolaine's search for a way to commit suicide without it looking like a suicide.
What she found in the attempt completely change her life around for the better.

susan noeski nde

Susan Noeske NDE - Suicide is Cheating

NDE after extreme complications of pregnancy during birth in the hospital
peter panagori nde
Peter Panagore's NDE

Died from hypothermia while mountain climbing - Very Compelling testimony
How we create pain to ourselves and others on earth and more.
Why he regretted coming back to earth - Asked if he could come back to heaven when he finally died
heidi craig nde
The Near Death Experience of Heidi Craig
An abusive & traumatic Childhood - After being in Heaven, now learning Forgiveness & Self Love
Experiences on Earth, good and bad, are to expand our soul and to learn
Very Powerful Testimony
asks to see chirst

Near-Death Experience, Asks to See The Christ

Filmed at the 9th Annual Spiritual Retreat for Near Death Experiencers, St Louis, May 2014.

nde brief testimonies
Many Brief Testimonies

Peoples short return to heaven, our real home
Heaven is light, love, peace, no anxiety, knowing that we all are part of God, there has always been a purpose for our life on earth.
yvonne nde 700 club

Being Face to Face with God - Yvonne 700 Club
Double pneumonia puts Yvonne on life support and in a medically induced coma for six weeks.
After an encounter with Jesus, she miraculously wakes up three days before life support is to be stopped.

isabel waller rigo nde
Died at 8 years old after falling on her head
Ms Isabel Waller-Rigo Near Death Experience

After going through the dark tunnel towards God's Light Isabel was told she could stay in Heaven if she wished but that she would have to be reborn to earth again to complete what she was on earth to do. That and her parents grief caused her to go back into her earthly body.
nde bill atv accident
Near Death Experience of Bill
Bill had an accident while driving his ATV (All Terrain Vehicle). The vehicle flipped over pinning him underneath. He had two Near Death Experiences, one while he was in a deep coma. Very interesting, and like all the testimonies on this page, there is much to learn about our true home, God and our reasons for being here on earth.
penny's near death experience

Penny's Near Death Experience
Died briefly from a bee sting on a golf course

Barbara Bartolome coming back
Barbara Bartolome Near Death Experience, NDE, Coming Back

Barbara Bartolome left her body when an error was made during a medical procedure.

beverly brodsky nde

Near-Death Experience; Oneness with God; Life Continues
Beverly Brodsky's Near Death Experience, Motor Cycle Accident

nde dr rajiv partis
Present - Dr. Rajiv Partis NDE

Hindu immigrant to US encounters Angels during his Near Death Experience
Dies from botched prostate surgery and massive infection from Dr. implanted device

ana christina nde
Ana Christina, Her NDE When She Was Almost Murdered
Ana came close to death as a result of an attempted murder by poisoning.

All books in this section are available on Amazon
destiny of souls

Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton, Ph.D.

     Soul Regression is a form of hypnosis where the deepest parts of our soul can be opened up to reveal our past lives, what heaven is really like, our purpose in this life and lives to come and much more. This book is a composite of many people who have been regressed deep enough to reveal how heaven (our real home) functions and our purpose on earth.
     This book complements the Near Death Experiences of the people on this page by taking their experiences much, much further into past lives and the spirit world.
Recommended Reading
nag hammadi book
As Christians Jesus is supposed to be the center of our religious beliefs. As such we are supposed to read as much of the words of Jesus as we can find. This book, the Nag Hammadi Scriptures, contains a treasure trove of the teachings of Jesus in his own words. These Scriptures were found in a cave near the town of Nag Hammadi in upper Egypt in 1945. They are said to be Gnostic Christians texts. The Gnostic's were Christians in the 1st to 4th century that were more focused on Jesus Himself rather than the direction the Orthodox Christians were going which resulted in a Bible that is largely not directly relating to Jesus. If you are a Christ Centered Christian then you will welcome reading these Scriptures that were written in the same time periods as the Bible Scriptures.     Recommended Reading
Learn about the Gnostics
same soul many bodies dr weiss
Same Soul, Many Bodies
by Brian L. Weiss, M.D.
How things that happened in our past lives can be holding us back from progressing in our current life, and more. Past life soul regression that solves current life problems.
Recommended Reading
your souls plan by robert schwartz
Your Soul's Plan
by Robert Schwartz
How our soul and other souls in our "soul family" help plan our lives on earth before we are born on earth again. This would include planning many of the trials we have in our lives that are very painful, mentally and physically. What's the old saying, "no pain, no gain" - so true! However, the rewards are so great if we learn from our trials in life.
Fascinating book that will open your eyes about what this world is really about and why we are here on earth to learn and advance our souls in heaven, our real home.
Recommended Reading
nancy danison backwards beliefs
Backwards Beliefs by Nanci Danison
Nanci's Near Death Experiences took her farther than almost all other NDE experiencers. Being an older soul who has reincarnated over 100 times she actually merged for awhile with God's (Sources) energy and knowledge where she learned about the creation of the earth, creation of people and other life, major changes coming to earth in the future, and the events leading to the creation of religions on earth. Eye Opening!
Recommended Reading

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Interesting topics

What Does the Brain Control and What Does the Soul Control

The brain controls the body and it's functions but not the thought process which comes from the eternal soul in our body. For example, the brain controls cell regeneration, our immune system, muscles and their movement and all bodily functions and such and works to maintain the body in those respects. There is also a belief that the ego is from the body's brain (mind) and not the soul. The soul merges with the body and takes control of things like thought, talking, directs movement, blinking of the eyes and all such things. Thought does not come from the brain, it comes from the soul. If the brain is damaged then the souls ability to direct speech, movement of arms and legs and such can be affected. But the souls thought process remains intact.

The point at which the soul is put into the human body
There may not be an exact point at which the soul enters the body. We will provide more testimony when available. The testimony below is one persons remembrance of when his consciousness began in the human body:
"The first time I member my reincarnation and current consciousness on earth was that my soul was loaded into a sperm cell. I remember the swim towards the female egg, I remember breaking through the egg and at that point I remember everything going on "automatic".  A construction process started immediately and I realized I had no part in the building of the human body. As time went by I remember becoming irritated that the process was taking so long. I remember the noise in the delivery room just prior to birth, the discomfort of being squeezed out of the birth canal and being held upside down after birth. As a baby I remember very early on that crying would bring me attention." These memories have never left my mind. As with a Near Death Experience, I have been able to remember it exactly as it happened so many decades ago.

Why do so many of us feel that earth has never been our real home?
Earth is not anyone's real home. Almost all people who have a Near Death Experience say that when they return to heaven briefly they realize they are back at their "real home!" Earth is a learning place for the soul and the soul is a part of God. We are on earth to learn and advance our soul. And yes, we can reincarnate to earth again and again.

Let's remember one very important thing: When any living thing is born on earth it has a 100% chance of dying at some point. No earth body of any species stays alive for very long on earth. However, the soul that inhabits all life form's body's is eternal and does not die with the earthly body.

Letters Received
Christ Centered, Not Bible Centered by Jorge Alvarado
     Scribes and Clerics and others from ancient times spent lots of time writing and rewriting the things in the Bible. As such it is very easy to imagine that they could have added their own imagination and bigotry to the words of Jesus and other teachings in the Bible. We have been led to believe it is the "Word of God".. Really?
     As a Christ Centered Christian, not a Bible Centered Christian, I look for all the words of Christ that I can find that complement each other. In other words if Christ is talking love and compassion and such and suddenly there are words associated with Christ which are talking vengeance and war, as in the Book of Revelation, then I conclude the Book of Revelation to have been written by hate filled Scribes and Clerics of the day. There is no heavenly army of angels that are coming back to earth to vanquish the unbelievers and put Christ on a thrown. Nonsense, this is ancient fantasy.
     Also, as a Christ centered Christian I look for all the words of Christ that I can find. I have found huge amounts of the words of Jesus in the Nag Hammadi Scriptures and the Gnostic Bible. So much of the words of Jesus in these books correspond to what so many of the Near Death Experience people say about God being pure love and light.
     I firmly believe now there is no hell and no judgement from God that would involve sending us to eternal torment for what "humans" call sin. God is total love and that love extends to every soul God created. We are on earth to advance our soul in heaven by learning lessons that center around love, compassion, forgiveness, understanding and other similar feelings.
     Mainstream Christianity and other mainstream religions have become like mainstream news media around the world. That would be that they are, to a large degree, not reporting honest news and facts.

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