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sin and doubt

We are all going to HELL...!!
Demons will get me and I will burn for eternity because of my Sins...!!

Wait, Jesus died for our Sins so we are covered and forgiven and will go to heaven, right...?? Hmmm, Read on.

WCM Near Death Experience (NDE) PAGE
A Page of Learning and Study

"More Knowledge is Better than Less Knowledge"
Learn the real truth about your soul and what happens when the body dies.
"Honest Knowledge is Better than Made Up Knowledge"
Can we see Jesus when our body dies?
The answer is yes! We can see any soul that ever existed if we wish.

First, How Many Sins are There? Have a look at the 4 links below that thoughtfully show us lots of the "SINS" that are offered to us by religions.

A List of Sins that can be Overwhelming
There are over 670 sins in this thoughtful list, complete with Bible References.
During the 700 years of the Roman Catholic Inquisition, you might have been burned at the stake, jailed, banished, whipped or other bad things happen to you for committing any of the sins on this list. The Inquisition was like modern day Communism and Fascism Dictatorships.
After opening the site above, Scroll down the page to see the complete list.

List of Mortal Sins that every Catholic should know
This list must be exclusive for Catholics. Why can't the rest of us participate?

This list says it is an "Official List of Sins" from the New Testament
Does anyone feel excluded?

Another "Official List of Sins" from the New Testament
I wonder if they match the other "Official List" above?

sin fear devil
Religions use the fear of sin to control us & our souls. There is NO hell..!
There is NO Sin!
(Jesus said so, and all mainstream churches have ignored it.)

Chapter 4 from The Gospel of Mary Magdalene (Click)

25) Peter said to him, Since you have explained everything to us, tell us this also: What is the sin of the world?

26) The Savior said There is no sin, but it is you who make sin when you do the things that are like the nature of adultery, which is called sin.

Note: This means that all the things that humans have labeled as "sin" did not come from God. Instead, people with "religious power" made up lists of what they considered evil things, labeled these things as "sins" and claimed it came from God. They further claimed that we need to repent of these "made up" sins or we could not enter Heaven. They also told us that we could end up in a Hell and be tortured for eternity. The truth is that all souls go back to heaven, our real home, when the physical body dies.

This is how religions have used "Fear" as a means to control us.

Hell does not exist, it is a fabrication of religious zealot's of ancient times. It now continues with the same kind of lies from religious zealot's in current times.

All this information is verified by thousands of people who have experienced what we call a Near Death Experience. Visit the WCM Life after Death Page to learn what God, Heaven and our Soul are really about. We ALL have a purpose for being on earth and all of us have a "Soul" which is a direct part of the real God. Yes, God really is in ALL of us. That part, our Soul, is eternal.
                                       Do not fear a phony hell..!

sin heaven
sin heaven is love

Does God LOVE the Souls of Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Moses, The Pope or any other religious leaders or people more than he loves YOUR SOUL???...............The Answer is NO!!!

What is the similarity between "Sanctions" Placed on a country and "Religious Sins" placed on a human?
Sanctions on a country:  "Do what we want you to do or we will destroy your country and your peoples lives"
Religious Sins on a human:  "Do it our way or your Soul will burn in Hell"
Hmmmm....We do not see the hand of God on either of these things.

road to heaven and hell

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