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Homeless in the USA
It Could Happen to Anyone

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YouTube Testimony Videos of Homeless people, Homeless Souls

homeless under bridge
Living under a Bridge Doesn't Stop this Seattle Homeless Woman from Staying Positive. Charming young woman with a powerful story to tell.
homeless since 13
Heartbreaking Story of a 73 year old homeless woman who ran away from an orphanage at the age of 13 and has been homeless almost all of her life. When given a choice of 3 wishes, she said this:

1. "That I had a lot of money where I can help a lot of people"
2. "that people who wanted work had jobs"
3. "that everyone knew Jesus the way I do"
homeless in venice beach ca
Homeless woman shares her straight from the heart story of life on the streets of Venice Beach, California and the events that led to her current life.
homeless veteran va
Homeless Veteran lives in his car in Los Angles, California. He speaks of the events that led to his homelessness and the help provided by the Veterans Administration (VA).
homeless living in bridge
This open hearted young woman lives inside a bridge in Los Angeles, California with her dog. Her story and attitude is surprisingly upbeat.

It takes a lot of strength to survive while our souls are on earth. It takes even more strength to survive if you are homeless.
homlessness joppa
Touching testimonies by homeless men, women and families helped by Joppa Outreach in Iowa. See how proper help for the homeless can have wonderful outcomes.

Faces of Homelessness            Faces of Homelessness 2           Faces of Homelessness 3

Rex & Daughter Kayla's Story: Love, Hope & Reunion         Stories From a Tiny Home Village: Madison
Homelessness can happen to anyone, regardless of how well we are currently doing.
Look into the eyes, the faces and emotions of the good people in these videos.
peasalls homeless in usa
Where No One Stands Alone (Click Here)

Song by the Peasall Sisters

The Souls of ALL PEOPLE come from God, no matter what our status is during this life on earth.
homeless sf woman disabled
Humble homeless San Francisco woman, disabled from a bullet in her back. She was caught between a gun fight involving the police and a criminal on a passenger bus when she was younger. Now living with her sweet dog in a tent on San Francisco streets.
homeless mother near seattle
Homeless woman lives with her children in a tent, Nickelsville, Seattle, Washington. "Timed Out" at a local shelter which would not work with her to secure a job. Very humbling testimony from a very sweet young woman. She worries constantly about her children and the effect their current situation is having on them now and in the future, if she can't reverse their situation. We think she is a strong woman and will succeed in bringing a better life to herself and kids.
homeless 10 most homeless cities usa
The 10 most homeless cities in America. Shocking!

For homeless people that wish to work, what do they need in order to succeed?

1. A mailing address (This could easily be provided by local city or county government, operated the same way as a UPS store mailing address.)

2. A place to clean up, wash clothes, or obtain suitable clothing for job interviews. (This could easily be provided by city or county government in connection with local charitable organizations).

3. Access to computers to search for work and file applications by E-Mail and receive E-Mails. (Easily provided by city or county governments).

4. A safe place to stay until they are able to find a place of their own. Not a shelter with just beds where they kick you out after a short amount of time. There are lots of options open for this situation. Cities and counties need to open their minds up and work with new ideas and options that will make this possible. (Consult with people outside government, people that have ideas that are new and viable and more cost effective, Ideas That Work).

5. Help with replacing state issued ID and birth certificates that have been lost or stolen.

Cities, counties, the state all spend a fortune on trying to contain homelessness rather than fix it. local and state governments waste time and money and never resolve the problem. They need to bring in entrepreneur type consultants with new ideas and new low cost solutions.

homeless in LA
Well spoken young man who talks about "Homeless Sweeps" in Hollywood. Discusses what homeless people have to put up with. Says there needs to be better programs to house people and more donations to local churches that help feed the homeless.
homeless LA woman tent
Los Angeles woman shows how she lives in a tent. Very personal description of her tent home and events leading up to homelessness and how people look at the homeless. "People are not better or worse than other people just because of their situation."
homeless masters degree charlotte
Former Social Worker with Masters Degree is homeless in Charlotte, NC. Describes how she became homeless. Never think it can't happen to you. Charming woman.
homeless builds tiny houses
Los Angeles Musician Builds Tiny Houses for the homeless. Then the City of Los Angeles seizes them. Good video of how the city of Los Angeles does not embrace ideas that can help the homeless unless the ideas are their own. The city recently passed a plan, according to the mayor, that will cost between 1-2 billion dollars and will take ten years. Do we all know what happens with politicians 10 year plans? I think we do! Most likely corruption from start to finish. Remember the 5 year plans from the old Communist Soviet Union? They all failed.

Solve most of our city and state problems by voting in Problem Solving Successful Business People rather than Politicians!

homeless la billion waste
Los Angeles is Spending over 1 Billion to house the homeless and it's failing. Look how our incompetent politicians keep throwing taxpayer money at the problem without any results. It's time we vote in successful, problem solving business people to fix the homeless problems and other city and state failures. Politicians are worthless!
homeless boston phd 2 masters degrees
Homeless 55 year old Educated man with a PhD and 2 Masters Degrees in Aeronautics, Physics and Electro Engineering from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. He sold everything he owned in order to keep his mother in the home she loved while she was slowly dying from Alzheimer's. His parents had made great sacrifices of their own to put him through college. His father had already passed away. He was set to go back to work at Lockheed in California after his mom passed away. Unfortunately Lockheed had laid off 30,000 of their 33,000 engineers at that time in 2011 during the Obama years when the economy was so bad. He says other similar companies were laying off also at that time and his extensive skills were not in demand. Compelling testimony.

Many more videos coming very soon

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