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Words to think about:    Liberty, Freedom, Free Will, Self Determination, Hope, Peace, and Most Important - LOVE!
World Christianship Human Interest Page

Proof positive that Humans can,
and do, fly with the birds.

fly with birds
Amazing flights with birds on board a
Microlight Aircraft.
Music loving elephant
beethoven and elephent

Life Lessons

49 life lesson by 90 year old
by Wisdom Inquiry - Click Picture

23 Quotes from Socrates that are worth listening to.
Life Changing Quotes

These 35 Albert Einstein quotes are life changing

Winston Churchill's Quotes that tell a lot about ourselves | life Changing Quotes

Plato, incredible life changing quotes

Confucius, life changing quotes

loktev maiden danceloktev western danceloktev dance of friendship

WCM International Music Page

human interest child prodigy artist

Spiritually Inspired Artist Akiane - Remarkable talent she attributes to God (Click Picture for Video)
Beginning at age 4 1/2 she begins having "Mysterious Visions" of Spiritual places. Completely Self Taught. Akiane says God "told her to paint" and "tells me ideas, is my personal tutor." Started painting portraits on giant canvases by age 8. Remarkable story of spiritually inspired talent. Says she had constant visions of heaven from 4-7 years old which she painted. Amazing! 13 years old at the time of this video.

beloe zlato merry christmas
Joy, Happiness and Love during a covid Christmas and New Year 2020.
The Beloe Zlato folk music ensemble from Russia singing Jingle Bells modified to Covid lyrics. Be sure to turn on English subtitles and closed captions if they do not appear on the video.
This is a video that will fill your heart with
The Spirit of Christmas!
New Video From Beloe Zlato in English
California Dreamin' (1960's USA Song) So Good!

snow and school ontario
A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
Disney Video
Click Here for Video
human interst page frank sinatra
Frank Sinatra's Song "Young At Heart"
Beautiful song or powerful message or Both?

Click Here or Click Picture for Video.
clay lewis human interest australia
Autistic young man, rejected by employers for 2 years, opens his own garbage bin cleaning business and becomes hugely successful. Everyone laughed at the business ideas of a boy with autism. Now they are jealous of him. Whatever our disabilities or drawbacks are in life, we can find success if we really want it.

Click Picture for Video

animal lovers page wcm rabbit

Click Picture

awaken with jp fda
What the FDA is really like? You Decide.
Satire but True?
Awaken With JP Video

  Life After the Body Dies

NDE - Near Death Experience Page

All Souls are Eternal, all Body's are not.

This page is designed to be a research page concerning the NDE Topic.
There are thousands of testimonies on the Near Death Experience
subject linked to this page. 7 years of research are on this page.

human interest jacqueline rodriguez

Comes to traffic court with a bullet in her leg with an amazing story. Wonder Woman Jacqueline Rodriguez. Amazing willpower to get through hard times.

Bodie Ghost Town

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