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BooBoo CatA new best friend

This page is dedicated to the love of animals by humans and the love of humans by animals.
Pictures below are clickable
loyal loving squirrel
A squirrel that fell off a roof and was seriously injured is nursed back to health by his human dad and becomes a member of the family. Link
cockatoo finds dad
This man was not a bird fan until he met this little bald cockatoo. Link
kitten rescued at station
Abandon kitten found at gas station. Lady has premonition a animal needs help there. A Miracle. Link
tiny deer seeks help
Tiny deer asks people to rescue her. Link
dog rescue from deep pit.
Dog sobs when she sees people coming to rescue her after she fell into a very deep pit. Link
jinging the penquin
Jinging the penguin swims 5,000 miles every year to visit the man who saved his life. Link

amazing rabbit pet
Amazing rabbit changes man's mind about animals. Link
funny pet owls
Funny and cute pet owls. Yes, owls can swim. Link
More Owls

dads who do not want dogs
Dads who didn't want dogs in their lives. Part 1
Part 2 Includes Cats

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