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Fear - Hell - Damnation - Sin
4 Words that are the "Stock and Trade" of most of the Catholics & Protestants, Other Christian Churches and Ministries, Judaism, Islam and Many Other
Religions. We will investigate their motives on this page. We will also show you the truth about Heaven & God (Source) with evidence to back it up.
Heresy - Heretic -  Sacrilege - Blasphemy: 4 more words that have absolutely nothing to do with our Totally Loving God.
Does Your Christian Church, Ministry or Other Religion Preach God's Love, or do they preach Fear?
     This page is inspired by NDE Experiencers that have provided extensive information about their brief return Home to Heaven during their Near Death Experience. There have always been such experiences in life but it has only been in recent decades that this information has been widely circulated all over the world via the internet. Also, in prior centuries people who talked about such experiences were labeled as crazy, just dreaming or heretics by "self serving" religions. Now times have changed and we can seriously learn what Heaven, our real home, and God (Source) are really about and the reasons we are here on this earth. If you have not visited our Life After Death NDE Page before coming to this page, we suggest you start there to learn about NDE experiences first hand. There are links on that page to over 5,000 testimonies and links to "Soul Regression Therapies" where people are able to access their past lives. After learning about NDE experiences on that page, what we are writing on this page will make much more sense.
     Let us understand that religions like Judaism, Christianity, Islam and such only began about 1400 to 4000 years ago, depending on which religion we are talking about. Our souls are eternal. Most souls had prior lives that go back far, far beyond these relatively new religions, or any current religion.
     Religion has NEVER been a factor with God (Source) in allowing us to return Home to Heaven when our current body dies. No religion speaks for God unless the things they are speaking about concern God's LOVE and all subjects that relate to Love! God (Source) loves equally all the souls that God created.

love only legimate religion
All laws on earth were created by humans.

No laws on earth were made by, or sanctioned by God. This includes all biblical type religious laws from any religion.

The concept of Sin did not come from God. Sins were created by humans to make us believe we needed religion in order to avoid going to hell. Religions used the fear of sin to tie us to the various religious churches, synagogues, mosques and other entities.

The problem is that according to thousands of Near Death Experiencers testimonies, there is no hell, and God does not judge us for any type of sins.
-  God (Source) is pure 100% Love  -

The Council or Convention of Nicea 325 AD and Beyond

     Bishops from around the expanding (supposedly) Christian areas of Rome's dwindling empire came together to unite under one doctrine. During this gathering they actually "voted" on what type of deity they were going to make Jesus. Really? These ordinary humans in fancy religious attire were going to decide who Jesus was and what his message was to humanity? They certainly must have held themselves in very high regard. These were the early Roman Catholics.

     However, during the 1st to 4th centuries there was another religious group called the Gnostic Christians. Though not as organized as the Catholics, they were much more Jesus centered in their beliefs. They also had a lot of books which contained the teachings of Jesus. The Catholics wanted the Gnostic's "secret writings" but were never able to obtain them. What the Catholics did do was almost completely eliminate the Gnostic's during the 1st to 4th centuries. A treasure trove of Gnostic Scriptures were found in a cave in Egypt in 1945. These writings were translated and put into book form and are now available to everyone. The book is called the Nag Hammadi Scriptures.
     In the Nag Hammadi Scriptures there far more "real words" from Jesus than you find in the standard Bible. We are Christians because of Jesus. As Jesus centered Christians we should read all the words of Jesus that we can find to truly understand our faith and who God really is. The Catholics have invented many reasons to discredit the Nag Hammadi Scriptures. The reason is simple, the recently found words of Jesus discredit a lot of the Bible that the Catholics put together in ancient times. This becomes a threat to their authority and power. Much of the words of Jesus in the Nag Hammadi are close to what people who have experienced a Near Death Experience report in written and video testimonies.  How the original Bible was edited and changed by Roman Emperor Constantine in 325 AD.

     Apparently the Bible as we know it today was first put together around 400 AD, time periods vary. Again, the Catholics had basically voted on which ancient books met their criteria for inclusion into this new Bible and which ones didn't meet with their approval. Again, simple humans voting on what is Christian and what is not Christian or not Christian enough. Very Sad! However, apparently they had no real idea what God (Source) really was. Remember, in those days hardly any people could read or write. People relied on religious leaders to interpret the new Bible.

     The New Testament, and Old Testament to some degree, leaned heavily on religions most popular plan for success. This would be using "Fear, Sin, Hell and Damnation" to grow their churches and power. Also, they look upon their Pope as being like "Jesus Himself" or "the only authoritative representative of God" or in other similar ways. Really? The truth in all cases is that no human Soul is closer to God than any other human soul. Many other denominations and religions also use fear, sin, hell and damnation in varying degrees to scare their following into staying in the church. Interesting enough is that in the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, which the creators of the Bible seemed to have overlooked, Jesus clearly says that "There is No Sin" and that humans call things sin like adultery (Clearly meaning that God has not defined any sins, humans have).

Now, going back to the Catholics which were thought to be the beginning of the Christian Church. Let's look at what they did with their beliefs and their Bible.
     With their rise in popularity came a rise in power. Eventually they had their own army and waged war in God's name. (The real God is a God of Pure Love and Does Not Wage War). They used Fear, Sin, Hell and Damnation as a weapon to bring misery and death to people who did not see things their way. They created the "Inquisition" and from about 1100 to 1800 AD they murdered, tortured, pillaged, their way across Europe and some other lands. They created their own "Hell" for millions of people right here on earth. They also ceased to be real Christians because of the Inquisition. However, their arrogance and hate wouldn't let them understand that. Kings and Queens of the day did little if anything to stop them because they might be overthrown if they did. Such was the power of the Roman Catholic Church in those days. Committing any of their human defined Sins could result in being burned at the stake or murdered in some other manner. One of their favorite things also was, Brutal Torture. Estimates of the Inquisitions murders run from one million people to ten million people during that time period. It's not known how many people survived the Brutal Tortures. The Roman Catholics were the Communists and Fascists of that time period.

     Now, in our modern internet days we have access to "Eye Witness" testimonies by tens of thousands of people who have experienced a Near Death Experience (NDE). These people usually clinically died in some way and their souls were released from their body and went back to our real home Heaven. The stay is brief before they were told that they had to return to their body to complete tasks and challenges they were on earth to accomplish. As such the body is revived after the soul goes back into it. The testimonies clearly define what God really is. God is "Pure Love" and not capable of hate, vengeance or anything else negative. Fortunately for everyone many of these people state also that God does not send any of the souls that God created to a hell. It has been a religious fantasy from the beginning.

The only Valid Religions are the ones that Preach Love and all words that are part of Love like empathy, forgiveness, kindness, helping other people and other such words.
The Real Words of Jesus in the Bible and the Nag Hammadi Scriptures are the ones that concern Love. God wishes us to "Love ourselves" we have all been through a lot. God also wants us to love others and animals and all the living things on this earth. All living things have been through a lot also.

If your church or religions preaches that your Entire Bible or Holy book is the divine, inspired or infallible word of God, it's time to rethink the environment you are in.
     Humans, not God, defined sins and used the sins they developed to control us and scare us into belonging to their religions and various houses of worship. God did not define or list any laws or sins on earth.
     God gave all of us "Free Will" and is very interested to see what we do with it. Regardless, God Loves every Soul that God created.

road to hell road to heaven
Here is an excerpt of a passage from the Bible that Jesus allegedly said:

Rev 2:23
"And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works"

God is Love, Jesus is Love and they are not capable of saying they will kill children and be hateful and vengeful. This passage and the entire Book of
Revelation is religious zealot nonsense. A fantasy of ancient times.
Words that are a part of Love
Acts of Kindness
Praying for Others
GOD! (Source)
No matter what Religion you feel you belong to or other beliefs about God you have or don't have,
NDE testimonies prove that ALL Souls go back Home to Heaven when the earthly body dies.

     When in Heaven Love is a permanent part of us and everything else that is in Heaven. Our souls are created by a Loving God (Source) and will be in existence for eternity.

     When we incarnate to earth our Loving Soul clashes with the human ego in our new body. This alone starts our challenging earthly learning experience.

     Earth is considered to be a very difficult place to learn our serious lessons. We souls who incarnated to earth made the choice to come here ourselves.

     When the challenges here on earth get difficult we ask "why doesn't God help me". The answer is simple, we picked our challenges on earth and part of that is using our talents to overcome each obstacle that faces us. If we learn from our challenges without bitterness, Love advances, and our Soul benefits.
earth is in our hands
     Back in our real home in Heaven all souls are telepathic. Have you often wanted to know what another person is thinking? Well, in Heaven all souls always know what other souls are thinking.

No soul can get away with lying.
It's not likely any soul would want to.

     If you wish to know something such as how the earth was formed, that knowledge will instantly be available to you. That knowledge is called "A Knowing" and it's available to all.

Hell was the invention of ancient Diabolical Religious Zealots. Their purpose was to gain power over people by making
us believe that their religion, and their ways, were the ticket to salvation and Heaven. They had no clue who God really was.

1. Jesus incarnated to earth to Teach Us not to save us. All souls automatically return home to heaven when the body dies. Under no circumstances can the body itself be saved. Jesus addressed this issue in the Gospel of Mary Magdalene (Chapter 4: 22,23)
2. Jesus did not die on the cross to save us from our sins. This is because sins were the invention of humans not God. Since there is no hell the concept of sinners going to hell instead of heaven is "Null and Void." It was NEVER real.
3. Jesus died on the cross because he was hated by the Romans and the Jews because of His teachings. They considered Jesus to be a threat that they needed to get rid of. However, his teachings did not go away. Many teachings of Jesus are found in the Bible and many more in the Nag Hammadi Scriptures. Some "Red Letter" words in the Bible are not from Jesus. They do not speak of Love but rather speak of revenge, hate, hell, damnation and cruelty.
hand of nde

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