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     How to become a legally ordained minister with full authority to perform all Christians services including marriages or weddings, baptisms, funerals and more. Links to important ordination information, home bible study information, information about doing legal marriage ceremonies, starting a church or ministry. Trivia:  Technically Universal Ordination in Life is not really universal. Church or Ministry can be easy. Simple Christian ordination where you can apply by phone, by fax, by E-Mail, or by regular mail is a good Alternative to a Monastery or Seminary. Become a Minister Now with Christian Online or Offline Ordination. What is a National Association of Christian Ministers? Generally this is ministers ordained all over America who are tied together in some way. By being a Christian, bountiful is the Harvest. Begin your own Church or Ministry. Get Ordained fast with almost Instant Online Ordination. American Marriage ceremonies are the easiest for your Ministry to perform. An Open Ministry gives you flexibility. Get Ordination from a Trusted Ministry like World Christianship Ministries. American Christian Fellowship Churches are the foundation of Freedom.

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Ordination from World Christianship Ministries is fast, legal and valid for a lifetime.

We have been ordaining sincere Christians for over 42+ years.

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