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Simple Ordination and Religious Freedom in America

      Becoming an Ordained Licensed Christian Minister has never been easier than it is at this point in the history of the United States of America. We live in a world where Globalism and Socialism has sought to degrade the Christian faith and Christian Clergy. Our religious freedom laws and the emergence of fast simple Christian ordination offers new opportunity for New Emerging Christian Churches and Ministries to succeed and thrive. Become a part of this expansion of Christianity in the USA and the world in general.

      What does this mean for people such as yourself that are considering becoming ordained and beginning your own independent ministry or church? Ordination is that important first step. World Christianship Ministries offers you Ordination and Licensing. We also now offer our new Certificate of Commission which complements our Certificate of Ordination and License. Many people just wish to do legal marriage or wedding ceremonies in the beginning. This was the way the Administrator started this ministry almost 40 years ago. Doing marriages is an excellent way to earn money to support you, your family and ministry or new church.  In a 5 year period WCM administrator Rev. McElroy performed over 2,500 marriages. While doing marriages he was inspired to begin an ordination ministry, write Bible Study Courses, and Materials to help people begin their own ministries and churches. From the very beginning World Christianship Ministries has been a Christian only ministry and designed to expand the Christian faith.

      Once ordained, as mentioned above, you can do weddings. Many people get ordained just to do one or two marriages. However, ordination is for life and you can use your credentials to advance your Christian work at any time in the future. So even if you do that one or two marriage ceremonies, don't toss out your ordination documents. keep them in a safe place. In the future you may be inspired to do other types of Christian work and your credentials of ordination will still be valid.

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