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    When it comes to applying for ordination for the main purpose of performing legal Christian marriage ceremonies, finding the right ministry is very important. While the list of online ordination ministries is big, the list of sincere Christian only fast ordination ministries is rather small. Experience is basically the most important factor in choosing a good ministry to receive your ordination from.  In the case of doing wedding ceremonies it is best to apply with a ministry that has "hands on" experience in performing marriage ceremonies. The majority of the ordination ministries on the internet have little, if any, experience themselves performing wedding services. Instead, they gather information from other sources on the internet about how to do marriage services. Many times the information they have located is good, and many times the information is not accurate.

    World Christianship Ministries has been in continual existence now for over 41+ years. Our administrator, Rev. McElroy, began the ministry by doing marriage ceremonies. In the beginning 5 year period he performed over 2,500 marriage ceremonies. This would most likely make him the most experienced ministry administrator on the internet when it comes to doing weddings. During that time he also held down a full time job with the government. In the developing years he wished to make it easy for fellow Christians to be ordained and have the same opportunity he had. As such he established the name World Christianship Ministries and began ordaining other individuals in the USA and around the world.  He also wrote excellent Bible Study Courses, and he wrote many handbooks containing information to help guide people towards the type of Christian work they wished to do, including doing weddings. In particular he wrote the Marriage Minister Handbook which is likely the best handbook on the internet for doing wedding ceremonies. This handbook is based on the over 2,500 ceremonies he performed and is "Straight to the Point" without a lot of information that you will never use as a marriage minister.

    One of the best features of World Christianship ministries, aside from our experience, is that we have always been easily accessible if you have questions. Note that at the top of this page you will find our phone number. When you have questions we wish you to feel free to call us. We are always happy to answer your questions and take your application by phone if you wish.

    In one major respect WCM is different from almost all other ordination ministries on the internet. We do not ordain anonymously right on the website itself. Now, what does that mean? It means that you can not type in your name and address on our site, hit a button and then you are automatically ordained instantly and a printable form of some kind is sent to your E-Mail address confirming you have been ordained. Ministries that do this call it "Free Ordination." However, after you click the "Free Ordination" button information comes up explaining that it is best for you to now purchase their ordination packages in order for your new ordination to be "more acceptable" or legitimate. As such, most people purchase other items at that time so they will be "more legitimate."

    With World Christianship Ministries, everything is up front and more personal. Applying with us is quite simple. You can call in your application after viewing the application on our site, you can send the application to us as a PDF attachment, you can fax in the application or mail in the application. All application are approved or not approved. However, it is very rare that we have to turn someone down. We can also provide almost instant ordination for you if you have something like a wedding coming up quick. Once we have your application in hand we can ordain you that same day and then PDF a copy of your original ordination certificate to you that day. So instead of a computer generated generic ordination certificate you get a color copy or your original ordination certificate showing original signatures, not computer generated signatures. Whatever package you applied for is then placed in the next days mail for you. Turn around time with WCM is usually only 1-3 business days.

Now if we have confused you in any way, just pick up the phone and call us at the number on top of this page. We are happy to receive your call and answer your questions.

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