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The meaning of Accredited Ordination Online. World Christianship Ministries is the most experienced online ministry on the internet for doing wedding ceremonies ourselves. The Most experienced wedding site.  What is an Ordained Minister Registry? What are the costs for becoming ordained? Which Ordination Clergy Minister Packages are the best? WCM is Good, decent, respectable, reliable, trustworthy, useful, moral, upright, virtuous, safe, reliable for lifetime ordination on the internet.

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The administrator of World Christianship Ministries has performed over 2,500 marriage ceremonies, over 100 of those wedding ceremonies were in Yosemite National Park and the surrounding area.
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More General Information Questions Answered

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Home much does it cost to become an ordained minister?  The offering amounts (Costs) to be Ordained by World Christianship Ministries can be found on our Application Page. After opening the World Christianship Ministries Application Page, CLICK on one of the 3 Blue Bars underneath the picture of the Lion and the Lamb. That will open up the Ordination cost information you are looking for, and 10 pages of other information about all the things offered by this ministry.

What does Accredited Online Ordination mean?
  Accredited generally means something received in the academic sense. Since Ordination is given to individuals by churches, ministries and other institutions in the way they deem appropriate, accredited ordination does not really mean any more than receiving simple non academic Ordination.
There is no central registry of ordained ministers in the USA because that would involve the government, and the government is forbidden by the Constitution from being involved in any type of religious endeavor. However, churches and ministries might maintain a registry of their own ministers, or the people they ordained themselves.

What makes World Christianship Ministries Ordination Packages better than other ministry's?
  Generally World Christianship Ministries offers many, many things that you will not find on other ministry's websites. We write all of our own handbooks, Bible Study course and general information. Our material is geared towards helping you begin your own independent ministry. Our Bible Study courses are Geared towards expanding your Bible knowledge using simple to understand true/false and multiple choice questions that will make learning very easy.

What experience does World Christianship Ministries have in doing Marriage Ceremonies yourselves?
  The Administrator (Rev. McElroy) has performed over 2,500 marriage ceremonies himself. As such, he is most likely the most experienced administrator of any ordination ministry on the internet when it comes to "hands on" wedding ceremonies.  Based on the wedding ceremonies he performed, he wrote a Handbook called The Marriage Minister Handbook which is an excellent "straight to the point" information source on all aspects of doing marriage ceremonies. It covers everything from Doing the Ceremony, to handling the Marriage License before and after the ceremony, and much more. For more information on doing weddings, visit our Weddings Page (Marriage Page).

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