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 About WCIAC (Association of Clergy)

The Association of Clergy program has been discontinued.

Letter of Good Standing - Confirmation of Communion
Available as a FREE Bonus item with Ordination Packages

The Confirmation of Communion certificate (Letter of Good Standing) is necessary for doing weddings in some states as it verifies that you are in Good Standing with the ordaining authority, World Christianship Ministries. Also, if we are contacted by anyone or any organization we can verify that you are in regular communion (Good Standing) with World Christianship.  As such the certificate needs to be renewed every 10 years.  When you renew the certificate just send us a brief note telling us what your ministry or church is doing, or planning to do in the future. Currently the Letter of Good Standing (Communion Certificate) is available as a Free Bonus Item with the Basic Clergy Package, or Clergy Package #1, #2, #3, #3-B or #4. Click Here to go the Bonus Items Page for More Details. It is also available by itself, if we ordain you and you do not take one of the Packages, for an offering of $20.

Are you already ordained by World Christianship Ministries, and just wish to apply for the Letter of Good Standing at this time? Click the "Blue Bar" below for the application.     
     Be sure to put your WCM Ordination Date in the space under the signature line on the Application

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