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I have done a lot of research into the area of independent ordination. I have poured over advertisements, web pages and information packets. I even went as far as contacting ordained people of other services. My search has come to an end. World Christianship Ministries fulfills all the needs and most important the support that I will need. Not only with ordination, but even with any future needs or expansions in my ministry.

Rev. Lawrence of Minnesota


Your materials and handbooks are step by step instructions on how to minister effectively and in a very dignified manner. In 11 years as an assistant pastor in our local church, I was never given any material as concise as what I received form you. I had to learn everything on my own, or by emulating our senior pastor. There was no instructions on how to conduct yourself as a minister or how to perform weddings, funerals, or baptisms. I am not seminary trained. I was one of the last in the state of Maine to be ordained as a minister (license to preach) with the Assemblies of God without any formal training. I came up within our own church from layman to an assisting pastor in the area of Pastoral Care. Eleven years ago I was promoted to Assistant Pastor. I thank God for your ministry Brother McElroy, because now I am totally free to serve our Lord as I know He wants me to, outside denominational barriers. I intend to minister as a Chaplain in one of our local nursing homes and as a marriage minister. I will keep you abreast of the developments of this ministry.

Rev. Jacques of Maine


Today I performed my 100th wedding ceremony! I have 32 more booked for this year with more coming in daily. I am the official minister at a local country club as well as 3 wedding halls. I have had to stop advertising as I am booked up to December 1997. Thank you for being there when I needed direction in my life. The Lord has chosen me to do his work and I will do it proudly. I have 57 people in my congregation so far and most are from my weddings. People ask me about the Christian religion and I tell them who we are and what we are about. They truly love the Lord but are simply lost lambs in the meadow of life. I show them the way home.

Rev. LaPenna of New York


rev cox photo Rev. & Mrs Cox singing during their nursing home services.

I have been ordained in World Christianship since April of 1993 and have been ministering in nursing homes. I am sending you a picture of my wife and I while we were singing at a nursing home in Joplin, Missouri. I have been an associate pastor in California and pastored here in Oklahoma. There are so many little churches in this area, yet no one wants to minister in nursing homes, so we are enjoying the ministry that God has given us. We have done weddings and funerals, but mostly enjoy the nursing home ministry.

Rev. Cox of Oklahoma


I have begun my ministry in Georgia and I am excited about it. God has made me a shepherd of a flock. We are on the radio and we are ministering to the poor. I want to thank World Christianship for believing in me and what God has given me to do. We're winning souls for Jesus! I am going to begin your Bible study courses. I want to go as far as I can and make an impact on this earth for Jesus Christ.

Minister Meadows of Georgia


rev tumbiolo picture "God is on the move," says Evangelist Tumbiolo of New York

I was ordained by World Christianship in May of 1992, and have since been ministering in many places. Just last winter I went to Mississippi and preached at the state prison in Jackson. I did six services in one day for the men inmates and one service the day before for the women inmates. Many inmates came to Christ during these services

For the past 4 1/2 years a few Christians and myself worked on an "outreach center" that we started in Long Island, New York. We worked with the homeless, drug addicts, alcoholics, hustlers and prostitutes.

As of late I have been doing guest preaching and speaking around the Long Island area. God is on the move and I thank God for the help World Christianship has given me by ordaining me in 1992. I am very happy to be a minister (evangelist) of World Christianship Ministries. God has really used you to help me in the ministry. To God be the Glory for the work he is doing through your ministry.


Here in India it is not easy to bring others to Christ. There is much discrimination, but it only makes me work that much harder. Gradually I am meeting with success in my ministry. Souls are being saved! I find my faith constantly tested, but my faith in Christ is unshaken. Whatever the cost I will not slow down. There is much to do, and in this country, life can be very short. Your ministry gave me hope and opportunity in a country (India) where there is not very much of either.

Pastor Parminder of India


rev cook 2Evangelist Cook of Iowa rev cook 1

Practicing the piano for her
"Music Ministry"
Ordained by World Christianship in 1991


I was ordained by World Christianship in 1986. At that time I had no idea how much being ordained by your ministry could do for me. After a few years of holding Bible studies in my home I met up with another independent minister who suggested we carry the Word of God across Europe and all the way into Russia. My ordination credentials have opened doors time and again and allowed us to minister in places where I never thought possible. Don't ever stop with what you are doing. Your ministry does make a difference.

Evangelist Burcham of Europe, at large


Things are hot and moving here in Montana. Our home based ministry has grown from 5 people to 20. On a couple of occasions we have had as many as 30 people attend our services. Thanks for all you have done for me and my ministry.

Rev. Porta of Montana


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