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How to Become a Legally Ordained and Licensed Minister in My State

There are no laws in any state concerning ordination because
ordination is a religious process not a legal process.

There are a few states that want you to prove you are ordained
before doing a wedding ceremony because weddings are a legal process.


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Becoming an Ordained Minister is easy

Be Ordained quickly as Christian Clergy with
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      WCM has over 42+ years of service and experience with Ordination and helping people with the authority to begin their own independent ministry or church. For information on your specific state, Click on the "Complete Marriage Laws for Each State" button below, then Click on your state. Or you can just click the link to your state at the top of this page.

      Becoming an ordained, Licensed Minister in your state is simple and quick with Ordination from World Christianship Ministries. WCM has ordained anywhere from 500 to 15,000 people in each state of the USA over the past 42+ years.

      We welcome the opportunity to bestow upon you simple quick Christian ordination so that you can do all Christian services such as marriage and baptism, and start your own ministry or church anytime you wish. Be ordained today. Ordination is for life and there are no ordination renewal fees to worry about. World Christianship Ministries is a non-denominational, Jesus centered Ministry. You may conduct your new Ministry the way you feel God directs you.

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