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A Guide for Getting Ordained, Licensed and Commissioned by World Christianship Ministries

The process is simple:

1.   Open the Application and Ordering Forms below by clicking one of the 2 links.
2.   Complete the Application Forms, and Coupons for Bonus Items
3.   Submit the Application, Ordering Form and Bonus Coupons by:

A.   Calling in your Application to (559) 297-4271 (or)

B.   E-Mailing your Application to us as a PDF File: (or)

C.   Fax in your Application to:  (559) 297-4223 (or)

 D.   Mail your Application to us at:
World Christianship Ministries
PO Box 20030
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96151

Application Ordering Forms, Bonus Items and More - Click Here

Application Ordering Forms, Bonus Items & Bible Study Courses and More - Click Here

Qualifications for Ordination are Simple and Straight to the Point.

Your work and use of the credentials Should Be Christian! This basically means Jesus centered!

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How long does it take to become ordained?

Generally we have you ordained and your package placed in the mail in 1-2 days. Express Same Day Ordination is available on request if you have something like a wedding to do quickly and there is no time to wait for your ordination certificate to arrive by mail. In these cases, we ordain you the same day, often within a couple of hours, and PDF a copy of your original Ordination Certificate to you.

What is the difference between your fast ordination and just filling in a form online and getting instantly ordained?

      Anonymous ordination online is just that what it says, anonymous. Anyone can type in any name and automatically get an instant free ordination printout document confirming the ordination. Then, if you pay the ministry some money they will mail out a nicer document and other certificates in that name. Think about it. You could have instant print out documents and followup documents with the names of your cat, dog, fish, bird, or pet owl. Ministries who ordain this way say they have ordained hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people over the years. However, almost all of those ordinations are anonymous online ordinations. They rarely have any  personal contact with the people they ordain.

     World Christianship Ministries has Never Ordained directly on the internet. We require some type of personal contact with each person we ordain. Applications are also approved or not approved. It is very rare, however, that we have to disapprove an application. Filled out signed applications can be sent to us by E-Mail as a PDF File, by Mail, or by FAX. You can also call in your application. When you call in your application, your credit card information will serve as your signature. WCM has ordained about 350,000 people over the past 41+ years. All people that we ordained had some form of direct contact with us.

     Fast ordination from WCM usually means 1-2 days to place your ordination materials in the mail. In some cases we can ordain you within one or two hours of receiving your application. Then we send you a PDF copy or your Ordination Certificate right away so you have an original color copy of your ordination certificate. Original documents are then mailed out usually the next business day.

How to become ordained to perform Marriages?

      That's easy. Once ordained by this ministry you are "good to go" for doing weddings almost instantly. There are a few states that do require you to file a copy of your Ordination Certificate, and possibly a Letter of Good Standing before doing weddings. However most states do not. Visit our Marriage Laws in your State page for more information about your state requirements.

     When it comes to doing weddings, our own administrator has done well over 2,500 ceremonies. WCM has the most "hands on" experience in doing wedding ceremonies of any ministry on the internet. Most of the internet ordination ministries have little or no experience in doing weddings themselves.

     If you get ordained by World Christianship Ministries, be sure to get a copy of our Administrators "Marriage Ministers Handbook." This "straight to the point" handbook covers every aspect of doing marriage in homes, gardens, parks, halls, small churches, almost anywhere. It's an "easy read" without a lot of "wishy washy" additions that you will never use.

What are the ordination, licensing and Commissioning laws in the USA concerning ministers or clergy?

      There are no laws in the U.S. concerning these three things as they are of a religious nature only. The government can not make laws dictating religious practices, or the religious authority given with titles.

      Different denominations, for the most part, interpret ordination, licensing and Commissioning in a way that their denomination deems appropriate for them.

      WCM feels the meaning of all three is basically the same and therefore grants each of these religious authorities for life as long as your work is Christian only and nothing illegal is done with your Ordination, License or Commission documents.

What are the qualifications for ordination by World Christianship Ministries?

The qualifications are simple: Your work must be Christian only and nothing illegal is done with your credentials. In either of those two instances your ordination could be revoked.

What things do you offer that are different than other ordination ministries on the internet?
The WCM offers many Handbooks, Bible Study Courses and other materials that were written by our own founder and administrator. Unlike most internet ministries we are easily accessible by phone with any questions or concerns you might have concerning ordination from us and other related questions.

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