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Earn Money $ during the current Recession and coming Depression

Specialize in performing simple wedding ceremonies in Homes, Gardens, Parks, almost any location where the couple wishes to have a ceremony. Simple easy ceremonies can earn you extra money to help sustain you and your family during the hard times ahead.
The Administrator of World Christianship Ministries has performed over 2,500 such ceremonies
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More About Doing Easy Marriage Ceremonies

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Do Simple Marriage Ceremonies in Parks
marriage minister ord app form
Click Here or the image above to open the PDF Fillable Form
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Click Here or the Image above to open the PDF Fillable Form
Explanation of the items included using the Application above:

1.  Certificate of Ordination - This is your Authority Document showing you have been Ordained to perform Marriage Ceremonies and other Religious services.
     Title Certificate - This certificate formally shows the Title you have selected.
     Pocket Ordination Card - Wallet size card showing you have been Ordained.

2.  Marriage Minister Handbook - Straight to the point instructions and information on all aspects of doing simple Marriage Ceremonies. This handbook covers everything from handling the Marriage License before and after the Ceremony, where people stand during the ceremony, 2 sample ceremonies that can be modified if you wish, suggestion for the amount of offering to take for doing the ceremony, what to wear and much, much more. (Based on over 2,500 ceremonies performed by WCM's Administrator.

3.  Marriage Keepsake Certificates - These are "Keepsake" certificates that Ministers usually give to the couple getting married. They are not to be confused with the "Marriage License" which can only be issued by the Counties in you state.

4.  Marriage Laws in Your State - Information on who can do weddings in your state. Detailed Marriage Laws for each state are on this Website: Click Here

Free Letter of Good Standing - This letter shows you are in Good Standing with WCM. It is necessary in some states for being able to do Legal Marriage Ceremonies.

6.  Free Copy of our Ordained by Mail Handbook which covers multiple areas of being Ordained by Mail.
Click Here for Examples of our many Certificates
The Links Below are provided in case you are interested in the many other items, Handbooks, Materials and Bible Study Courses that we offer.

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If you wish to use this special Marriage Minister-Officiant Application follow the steps below:

1: Open the Application and Parchment Paper Color Forms above and type in the required information.
2: You can save the forms as a PDF file and E-Mail them to us if you wish (wcm@wcm.org).
3: You can also print the forms to your printer and then Fax them to us (559-297-4223).
4: The other options are to Mail the Forms to us if you wish (Mailing Address is on the Application).
5: You may also call in the application for convenience. (559) 297-4271

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