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Links to people & channels that are providing accurate and truthful information and videos on what is really happening in the Russian, Ukraine war.

It is our strong belief that regular news sources in the USA and Europe are NOT providing honest information to us.

Looking for the truth? You will find it in the links on this page.     Putin, the Real Man

The Truth About The War Between Russia and Ukraine That
No Regular US, Canadian or European News Organization Will Talk About.
The links below also talk about how the sanctions are affecting people all over the world.
These are YouTube videos. These videos are usually available on Rumble also.

Zelensky Exposed
Net Worth up to $586 Million US Dollars   Other Site shows $610 Million US Dollars
Prior work experience: Comedian, Actor, Erotic Porn Dance Videos. Current job: Corrupt President of Fascist Ukraine.

zelensky one porno dance Zelensky porn 2 Zelensky porn 3 Zelensky porn 4 Zelensky porn 5
President Zelensky Dancing in Heels & Erotic Black Leather in a Demonic Porno Dance.  Click Here or any picture above to view Video.
This is the sick, perverted Fascist President of Ukraine that US & European corrupt politicians are visiting in Kiev, and giving 10's of Billions of
our hard earned tax dollars to. Ukraine & Zelensky are completely corrupt. Look at him! You know where our money is going just like we do. This is corruption on a Hugely Massive Scale in the US, Europe and Ukraine. The political elites are stealing our money and involving us in a war where
WE support the Fascist country of Ukraine. Unbelievable! Is it time to ask if the politicians who now run the US, Europe and NATO are Fascist also?

Other Zelensky Videos

Strongly appearing to be on drugs and or alcohol in his office.

Showing signs of having Sniffed Cocaine

Zelensky Drug Addict?

Appears high on Drugs during press conference.

Patrick Lancaster
Independent Journalist on the "Front Lines" in the Battle for Mariupol.

     Also on the Front Lines covering the battles in the Donbas of Ukraine for the past 8 years. For 8 years the Azov Military Battalions of Ukraine have been trying to destroy the Russian Speaking people in the Donbas. The Azov's have killed over 15,000 men, women and children in the Donbas with over 30,000 wounded during the past 8 years. The Azov Ukrainians have murdered, raped, tortured the civilian population with Fascist brutality.

patrick lancaster front lines mariupolpatrick lancaster front line mariupolpatrick lancaster front line mariupolpatrick lancaster citizens living in basementspatrick lancaster mariupol citizens living in basementspatrick lancaster evacuating in mariupol

Click on any picture above to go to Patrick's YouTube Channel page where there is a 8 year video history of what has been going on in that region.

     These are unedited video's showing the horror of what has been happening in Mariupol and the rest of the Donbas. Patrick speaks with hundreds of citizen survivors in Mariupol who have spent many weeks surviving in the basements of bombed out apartment buildings. He is able to help many to be evacuated to the safety of Russian and DPR (Donetsk Peoples Republic Militia) rear line areas where they are given food, clothing and shelter. Many are then transported to other areas in the Donbas or Russia if they wish. The citizens say that it is the Azov Ukrainian Soldiers that have been murdering them and using them as human shields in battles. Patrick also shows many places outside of the ruins where the trapped citizens have buried family and friends that died. These good people make it clear that it is the Russians and the DPR soldiers that bring them food, water and medicine. They also make it clear that the Azov Ukrainian solders bring them nothing except death and terror.

     Patrick is a totally independent journalist and not beholding to any news organization. His videos show real life as it is in the Donbas, and past videos of other problems in the region. We would consider Patrick's videos as "Historical Videos" of this 8 year time period in that region. Patrick is an American who has lived for 8 years in the Donbas and is married to a Ukrainian lady. He has a strong connection to the people of that region.

Gonzalo Lira
     Gonzalo currently lives in Kharkiv Ukraine near the fighting in this war.
Extremely Intelligent Reporting

gonzalo lifa in kharkiv ukraine

New Gonzalo Lira YouTube Link
Latest Gonzalo YouTube Link
Old Gonzalo Lira YouTube Link

      Gonzalo was born in Chile and has dual US & Chile citizenship. He posts detailed videos on all aspects of the war and other topics.  Learn facts and forecasts that are truthful. Gonzalo's straight forward way of expressing the facts is refreshing.
     Gonzalo was arrested by the Ukrainian SBO (Fascist) Police over his broadcasts and video posts and faced torture and death. Chile intervened and saved him. He is still posting on Youtube but forbidden from leaving the city. The USA did nothing to help him.
Fascist Ukrainian Journalist (2014)
Calls for the Extermination of 1.5 Million People

ukraine fascist reporter
View Video of This Interview

     This sub-human Fascist, whose views are the same as the Ukrainian Fascist Azov Military Battalions, wishes to see 1.5 million people exterminated in the Donbas region in Ukraine. He calls them "Superfluous" (Not Needed).
     During the 8 years since 2014 the Azov Fascists have killed over 15,000+ men, women, and children in the Donbas by shelling their villages and towns. This also includes direct "hands on" murders. Also, over 30,000+ citizens have been wounded. Further atrocities include widespread rape and torture.
     These Azov "non-human" monsters now control a lot of the government and military of Ukraine. Information suggests they also control the president of Ukraine whose profession before being elected was actor, comedian & erotic porn dancer. (See Video of Zelensky).

The Duran  -  With Alexander Mercouris (From the UK) & Alex Christoforou (From Greece)

the duran

     These 2 fascinating individuals have access to lots of up to date information concerning many aspects of the war & what's happening to Europe, the USA and the rest of the world because of the war. You will want to watch their daily broadcasts on a regular basis to get honest current events.
Click Here for Duran YouTube Channel Page

     Both Alexander & Alex have their own individual YouTube Channels. Links are below. Both of their daily individual channel broadcasts add even more vital information concerning so many aspects of the Russian Ukraine War.

Alexander Mercouris - More details on things discussed on The Duran above, and other issues. (Usually daily updates)
YouTube Video Page Link for Alexander Mercouris

Alex Christoforou - One or two updates each day. Alex films his videos while walking the streets of Greece & Islands in the area. Lots more new information while letting you see some historical area. YouTube Video Page Link for Alex

Scott Ritter YouTube Channel

scott ritter interviews

     Excellent Information on what is happening in the Russia-Ukraine war from a Experienced X-Military Officer with extensive knowledge.

     Scott was a "US Marine Corps Major, served as an intelligence officer later with the United Nations implementing arms control treaties." His knowledge is extensive. These are very direct, straight to the point testimonies.

iEarlGrey Ukraine Truth
Fast Forward to Fascism - Proof of Fascism in Ukraine

     The truth about how Fascism has been in Ukraine for many years, and how the Azov Fascists in Ukraine have direct heritage ties with Nazi Germany's SS. Eye opening video about what we are not being told in the West.

Click Here to go to iEarlGrey's YouTube Channel
for more informative videos.
Col. Douglas MacGregor YouTube Channel Page - Click Here
Excellent truthful information about everything concerning the Russia-Ukraine war.

Judge Napolitano Interview with Col. MacGregor - Click Here

Excellent analysis of what is happening in the Russia-Ukraine war from Col. Douglas MacGregor who is an Ex US Military officer with extensive knowledge and experience.

The New Atlas - Brian Berletic YouTube Channel
Excellent up to date evaluation of the Russia Ukraine war

The Mother of All Talk Shows - MOATS,
George Galloway YouTube Channel
6 terms in the British Parliament, out spoken commentator of dirty politics in the UK, America and other countries, the lies we are being told concerning the current war, and more. Excellent!

Putin - Tyrant or Strong Leader with a Big Heart and Love for the Russian People?
The Media Does Not Like to Show the "Real Putin" as Shown in These Videos.
All Pictures are Clickable to Play Videos
putin dream with me project picks regina
     Putin participates in the Dream With Me Project, which is aimed at fulfilling the dreams of children with serious illnesses.

     This video shows Putin choosing Regina who is blind and has had 2 bone marrow operations. Then it shows a brief glimpse of her interview.

putin full interview with regina

     This video shows The Complete Interview with Regina whose wish is to become a journalist.

***At the end of this interview Regina has some very powerful words to say to President Putin. Putin promises to work hard to be worthy of what she tells him.
putin invites young cancer patient to the kremlin

     In this video Putin meets Sonia, a young cancer patient in the hospital that Putin is visiting. Her wish is to visit the Kremlin. Putin promises to let her and her family come to the Kremlin on the May 9th holiday. This video shows her visit to the Kremlin as promised.
     Putin oversaw the building of the children's hospital and visits often.
putin sings blueberry hill at children fundraiser

     Putin appears at a fund raising event for children's charity to combat child cancer and eye disease. He sings the song "Blueberry Hill" which was popular in the 1950's. The crowd loved his appearance at the event. The event was an International Charity Concert held in St. Petersburg, Russia.
rt news putin and regina

      This video is an article from RT News concerning Regina and Putin.

     The article has much more information about Regina's life when growing up and her almost sudden blindness and other health issues. It also has some pictures of her early years and one of her swimming.
A very strong young woman.

The Real Russia - The People - The Various Regions - The Patriotism - And So Much More!

Eli From Russia
Eli of Russia Travel and People
Click Picture for Video
     The video above is in the town of Pyatigorsk and shows the annual Victory Day celebration May 9th, 2022.
     Most people do not know that an estimated 27 million Russians died in WW 2 fighting Fascism. About two thirds were civilians.

with links to dozens of her traveling adventures in Russia. There are as many as 185 ethnic peoples in Russia. Eli visits places and people all over Russia including a far northern city that only has 2 hours of daylight each day.
Eli shows us the customs, celebrations and way of life of so many different cultures. Delightful young woman. Eli speaks in English with subtitles for people who speak to her in Russian, or when she speaks in Russian.

Vasya in the Hay - Sergei
vasya in the hay
     Sergei, a young man in Russia seeks out and helps people in ways they only dream of. (Click Here or Picture Above for YouTube Video Channel)
     If you have ever wondered what the perfect "Good Samaritan" looks like just watch Sergei's videos about the people he is helping in Russia. A unique young man with a heart of gold.
     Learn what "real" Russian regular people are like, their strength, their love and their gratitude when good fortune comes their way very unexpectedly.
     This is a man who "really" does understand God's Love and our purpose on earth.

Christmas for Orphans in Donbas Russia 2022 War Zone
Donbas Russia Xmas for Orphans Donbas Russia Xmas for Orphans 2022 Donbas Russia Xmas for orphans 2022

What does it look like when the people of a country are United?
Click Here

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