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World Christianship Ministries is a Genuine, Authentic, Aboveboard, Legitimate Christian Ordination Organization and Ministry. In addition, WCM offers 9 excellent "True to The Word" Bible study Courses. We have also written many different informational handbooks that help the people we ordain to begin their own independent Christian Ministry or Church.

     If you are just beginning your new independent ministry, you should consider doing marriage ceremonies. This is an excellent way to help raise funds for your ministry and to help support yourself and family. World Christianship Ministries itself began in this manner. The Administrator of WCM has personally performed over 2,500 wedding ceremonies. He confirms that almost all wedding ceremonies held at homes, gardens, parks, the beach, the mountains and such, are quite simple to perform.

     We offer many different Ordination or Minister Packages that contain excellent items that you will not find with any other ordination ministry on the internet. We suggest you take our "Guided Site Tour" which will guide you through the most important pages on this site and explain in more detail all that we offer.

     For answers to most of your questions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. If your questions are still not answered, then give us a call and a well trained representative will be happy to help you.  (559) 297-4271

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Lifetime Ordination, Licensing and Commissioning
Started doing weddings after
the recession that started in late 2008.

From Rev. Stuart of Savannah, Georgia:

     The recession began in late 2008 and by late 2009, like many people, I lost my job and times were getting very hard. I came across the World Christianship Ministries website and became interested in doing marriage ceremonies to make extra money to stabilize my income and my families life.

     You explained that doing weddings is really a simple process and I decided to give it a try. After doing my first ceremony I was hooked. I followed the guidelines in the WCM Marriage Minister Handbook and found it to be very understandable. Eventually I was earning more money than I was making at the job I lost. Word of mouth gets around and I get lots of business now from references. Doing weddings allowed me to get through the recession without loosing my home to foreclosure. I was also able to maintain a decent life style for my family.

     I feel very blessed that God led me to your ministry and you gave me the authority to do Christian services like marriages! Thank you so much!

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