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Do Simple Marriage Ceremonies  -  Visit our "Doing Marriages Page" and then visit our "Marriage Ceremonies in Yosemite Page"
Full legal authority to do all Christian services including marriage, baptism and funerals - Start an independent Ministry or Church at any time
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World Christianship Ministries is the Ministry of Choice for Sincere People Seeking Fast Christian Ordination.

For questions on Becoming Ordained, receiving Fast Ordination, call us at (559) 297-4271
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Ordination   If you have asked, "how can I become an ordained, Licensed and Commissioned minister" you have come to the right online ministry. World Christianship Ministries has the most extensive experience on the internet for providing simple, fast Christian Christ Centered Ordination.

Receive ordination almost immediately as a Minister, Pastor, Reverend, Evangelist, Bishop, Chaplain, Missionary, Apostle, Prophet, Elder, Deacon, Preacher, Parson or other Christian Title.

As a minister ordained and licensed by World Christianship Ministries you have full authority to do all standard Christian services. These services include wedding & baptism ceremonies, and funeral services. Visit our Lifetime Ordained, Licensed and Commissioned page.

We have been providing this simple Christian ordination opportunity for over 41+ years. World Christianship Ministries is the perfect guide for getting ordained, and we are easily accessible by phone.
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Become Ordained by World Christianship Ministries and for the rest of your life you will be able to:

Make money $$$ legally performing Marriage Ceremonies, Improve your Standard of Living, Start your own Church Congregation or Ministry, Perform all Christian Functions, Share the Good News of the Gospel, And much more!

Certificate of Ordination   Your Certificate of Ordination, or Minister's license, will be your authority to begin this new chapter of your life. Our new Certificate of Commission is an excellent enhancement to your Ordination Documents.

Start your own church, ministry or just do wedding ceremonies.

World Christianship Ministries is a Christian nondenominational ministry. Aside from ordination, Bible studies and other services offered, we also provide personal support and advice.
Do Wedding Ceremonies   Are you getting ordained to do legal wedding ceremonies?  Would you like to be ordained fast? Would you like to know how how to perform wedding ceremonies?  You have come to the right ministry.

WCM has the most wedding ceremony experience online. The Administrator of WCM has performed over 2,500 wedding ceremonies himself.

Receive fast legal ordination and licensing, perform weddings without delay. Click the RED Express Ordination Page Button Below to learn about how you can have a copy of your Ordination Certificate in hand the same day we receive your application.

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An Established Ministry   World Christianship Ministries is an established ministry with extensive experience in providing ordination by mail for sincere Christians for the past 41+ years.

In addition to offering you a quick way to become ordained, we also offer phone support in case you have questions.

We have ordained thousands of individuals as Christian clergy in each state of the USA and in over 85 foreign countries.

All over the world you find Christian ministers that we ordained, each knowing that ordination was that important first step needed to start a church or ministry. WCM is an International Christian Ordination Ministry.

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The Gospel of Thomas and many more
Gospels not included in the New Testament (Click)

There are a huge amount of the words of Jesus found in the Nag Hammadi Scriptures which were also left out of the New Testament. (Click Here)
We are Christians because of Jesus. As Christians we should seek to find as many words of Jesus as we are able. This includes going outside the Bible to explore other ancient writings that are available to us and show us so much more of what Jesus really was and his teachings.  ** More Knowledge is Better Than Less Knowledge **
road to hell road to heaven

From The Gospel of Mary Magdalene (Why did the people who decided what should go into the Bible leave out this very important Gospel)? Could it be because she was a woman and that they did not like these words of Jesus which said "There is no sin" as described below?

Why do so many mainstream churches spend so much time on "man made sins" and how we are all going to hell if we don't repent of our sins? Does this make sense? Why did the early Catholics destroy the Gnostic Christians who were more Jesus Centered?

Chapter 4 from The Gospel of Mary Magdalene

25) Peter said to him, Since you have explained everything to us, tell us this also: What is the sin of the world?

26) The Savior said There is no sin, but it is you who make sin when you do the things that are like the nature of adultery, which is called sin.

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WCM Sins Page

Words for Living: "Don't choose to love the most beautiful person in the world. Choose to love the one who makes your world beautiful."
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Statement of Faith

Our statement of faith is composed of two parts:
1st Part....The Words of Jesus that Support Love and All the Words that are Connected to Love.
2nd Part...All parts of the Bible that support the Words of Jesus as described in the 1st Part above.

God is Light and God is Love, described by Jesus and described by
almost all the people on This Page Link.

We Believe in You
God Believes in You
Believe in Yourself

heaven and earthwalk by faith

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This Ministry Does Not Believe in Tax Exemption for Churches or Ministries.
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